Despite The GST Cut, McDonalds Bills Remains Same, Twitter Goes Mad!



All the foodies have been happy and celebrating the fact of reduced GST rates in restaurants and cafes since the day Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has announced it. But, seems that some famous food chains like McDonalds and Starbucks are not happy with this announcement. They have tweaked their rates in such a manner that the total amount in the bill remains the same! One of the customers tweeted the comparison of bills before and after the GST cut. Reacting to that, many customers have expressed their dissatisfaction. Read further to know how these big food chains got trolled on Twitter.


The Guy Who Started!


The Ones Who Supported!


The Mockery Continues


Yes, You Got It Right!


Even The Disparities In Delivery Charges


Here Comes The Explanation


But, People Still Not Convinced!


Termed As The Most Lousiest Explanation

People just don’t like being cheated by their favorite food chains! We hope this all sorts out soon. Also, read facts about these top brands you may not know!

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