These Plot Holes In The Bollywood Movies That Ruin The Entire Plots

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The makers focus on the plot while making Bollywood movies. They try to correlate every two scenes with each other. However, there are still many plot holes left in the movies. Hence today we have brought you 7 plot holes in the Bollywood movies that ruin the entire plot.

1. Krrish

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If you have noticed, it was shown in the movie that Rohit hadn’t met his wife in 3 years. How the hell she got pregnant?


2. Tees Maar Khan

Plot holes

We all remember the Superhit song ‘Sheila Ki Jawani’. However, it was actually the full name of Sheila that caused ambiguity. Sheila’s full name was Sheila Kijwaani.


3. Partner

Plot holes

Everyone heard ‘Po Pappi Chae’ in the song ‘Soni de Nakhre’. But, it was actually ‘Pump Up The Jam’.

4. Anand

Plot holes

It is impossible to see a cancer patient who looks healthy in the last stage. Somehow, the impossible stuff is possible in Bollywood. In the film ‘Anand’, Rajesh Khanna was healthy in the last stage of Intestinal cancer.

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