These Plot Holes In The Bollywood Movies That Ruin The Entire Plots

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5. Bhool Bhulaiyaa

Plot holes

It was revealed in the end that it was Avni (Vidya Balan) that caused the paranormal activities in the house. However, one thing is still unexplained that is “who threw the lock on Chhote Pandit (Rajpal Yadav) as Avni has not arrived at that point.


6. Gangs of Wasseypur

Plot holes

In the movie, it was shown that Sardar Khan bombed on a Muharram day. The interesting fact is that that Muharram is a festival of Shia Muslims but it was told in the beginning that there were only Sunni Muslims in Wasseypur.


7. Kahaani

Plot holes

Kahaani is a movie which is full of twists and surprises. Another surprise is that the police did not check the call details of the dead contract killer when Vidya told them that her husband used to call her daily.

Were you aware of these plot holes? Share in the comments. There were many mistakes in the Bollywood movie which you can check here too.

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