Did You Know That These Things You Use In Your Daily Life Have Expiry Dates – Shocking!


5. Tooth Brush – Every 3 Months

Tooth Brush Expiry

Plenty of us is guilty of waiting for our toothbrushes to completely lose their shape before we think about replacing them. However, leaving it this long could leave us prone to gum damage says Dr Amer Saeed, clinical director of Garden Square Dental in West London.


6. Running Shoes – Every 1 Year

Running Shoes Expiry

Even if you are not a marathon runner or a gym hermit, once your sneaks hit 250-300 miles, their cushioning begins breaking down. This brings unnecessary stress onto your joints. If you be stingy on saving up not buying new shoes, you will damage your joints and that will lead you to medical expenses! Think wisely 🙂


7. Razors – Every 3 Days

Guy Shaving With Razors

Razor blades can be expensive – but experts say you definitely shouldn’t skimp on replacing them when necessary. In general the sharper the blade, the better. The razor should slide smoothly over the skin.


8. Hair Brush – Every 4 Years

Hair Brush Expiry Date

One hair follicle can hold 50,000 germs and your brush can contribute to this. Brushes can also collect residues of hair products which can become sticky and attract dirt. No matter how much comfort your brush is or how attached you are to it, you have to let go!

We are careful about eating the right foods to prevent us from becoming sick, yet we neglect to consider other objects we use daily that have become breeding grounds for germs and disease. Pay more attention to everyday things and live healthily! Concerned about a healthy living? Here are a few tips to prevent tooth decay!


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