Rambo The Tractor Dog – Dog Drives Master’s Truck And Helps Him In Farming!


Dogs are mens best friend. Many times we have heard this and most of us have witnessed it too. Whether it is a story of a dog who saved his owner from poisonous snakes by sacrificing his life or a story of a dog who fight with the wolf to save three small cubs, every story amazed us. This time it’s Rambo, a Golden Retriever often rides on a red Massey Ferguson tractor wearing a hi-viz vest as he helps his owner plough fields, cut down corn, and trim hedges!

Rambo driving tractor

Rambo the Golden Retriever attracts a stream of visitors to his home where he rides on a red Massey Ferguson tractor wearing a hi-viz vest in in County Down, Northern Ireland. The hard-working dog has helped his master mow lawns, plough fields, cut down corn, and trim hedges. The six-year-old dog is also the father of four puppies. Rambo’s owner, Albert Reid, said: “Nobody could believe it when they saw it. They had to take photographs and video him.


Here’s The Video Of Rambo Doing What He Does Best

The retired lorry driver, Albert Reid, noticed his dog had these amazing talents since he was a puppy and said he has always been a helping hand to him. “From a pup, I just told him to sit there and I went out around the yard and he would just sit there and watch me. He helps me out a lot and he is a good company to have.”

Rambo Driving A Tractor

Rambo’s exceptional skills amaze everyone, but this is something very unique. Before this, we have heard of therapy dogs who pick up everyday grocery, and more such canine capers. But Rambo the farmer dog is a cut above all!

Dogs are very clever and they are surely man’s best friend. Not only, Rambo, most dogs are clever and helpful. Love dogs? Well, check out what dogs dream about and it will surely bring you to tears!

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