Shahid Afridi Showed Respect Towards Indian Flag, The Twitterati Can’t Stop Praising Him

This Is Not The First Time He Showed Respect Towards Indian Fans

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The political relation between India and Pakistan are heated. Moreover, the India-Pakistan rivalry can be seen in cricket too. Whenever Indian cricket team collides with Pakistan Cricket team, it gives us barnburner. This time Virender Sehwag and Shahid Afridi formed their respective XI and played a 2-day-long 20-20 series. The series was played between Sehwag Diamonds XI and Afridi Royals XI. After the event, Shahid Afridi did something that won everyone’s heart. Moreover, he has been praised on twitter.


Shahid Afridi Showed Respect Towards The Tricolor

After winning the match, he was meeting his fans. One of his Indian fans wanted to get a photo with him. Afridi reached to the fan and asks her to flatten the tricolor that she was holding. The moment was captured in a video which gets viral on social media. Twitterati is praising Afridi for his great sportsmanship and the respect to the Indian Flag.


Not The First Time He Showed Respect Towards Indian Fans

Shahid Afridi

This is not the first time when Shahid Afridi showed his love for India. A few years ago he told that the love he gets from Indian fans is more than the love he gets from Pakistani fans.


The Matches Were Played On Ice

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The 2-day long event was quite exciting for the fans. Despite having a bad weather, the ground managed to attract a huge crowd. It was the first time when cricket was played on ice. Both of the matches of Ice Cricket took place at a frozen lake where the temperature was below zero degrees.

This action of Shahid proves that no matter how stiff the rivalry is between India-Pakistan he will never forget his sportsmanship. What do you think about this gesture of Shahid? Write your thoughts in the comments.

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