India And Pakistan, Maybe The Bitter Rivals But Not Enemies, True Sportsman Spirit Shown By Players

They Are Getting Praised On Twitter For Their Sportsmanship

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We all know what cricket means to Indians and the things get intense if Indian team is playing against Pakistani cricket team. Both of the teams leave no stone unturned to pull off the victory. However, the best part about the rivalry is that they do not consider their opponents as enemies and they show great sportsman spirit towards the rivals.


The Sportsman Spirit Won Hearts

This time Indian U19 cricket team was facing Pakistani U19 cricket team in the semifinals of U19 Cricket World Cup. Then a photo went viral on social media that shows a Pakistani player tying the shoelaces of an Indian player. This photo has won the hearts. Pakistani cricketer has shown great sportsman spirits. In another photo, an Indian cricketer is doing the same thing.


Cricket Fever

We all know how serious Indians and Pakistanis are about cricket. They leave their urgent work to watch cricket. In a photo, a man is holding the signboard which reads “I am on honeymoon but cricket is my first love”.


India Punched Their Ticket To Finale

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On the field, team India has completely outmatched team Pakistan. Batting first, team India set the score of 272 in 50-overs. The target was not that much hard but it was for team Pakistan. The Pakistani team got on the back-foot right from the start of their innings. To conclude, they failed to put up a challenge in the match and got all-out just 69 runs.


Twitter Trolled Pakistani Players For Their Performance

India Won the match by 203 runs and punched the ticket to finals. Twitterati took the opportunity to get the best out of Pakistani fans and U19 cricket team. They posted some of the meanest and ultra hilarious tweets that made everyone laugh.

Although the Pakistani team was trolled for their performance it was being praised for their true sportsman spirit. What do you say about this sportsmanship? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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