Ashwini Gaware, 22 Year Old Computer Engineer In Pune Jumped Off The Office Building

The Staff Told That She Was Absence For Several Days

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Every day we hear the stories and read the quotes on social media that suggest us that we should never give up. The tough time can be ended you are tough. However, sometimes the problems completely take over a person and the person does something that he should not. This time a 22-year-old Pune girl Ashwini Gaware has committed suicide by jumping out of the seventh floor of the company building where she used to work as a trainee.


Ashwini Gaware Was A Trainee In GTT

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The 22-year-old girl was a computer engineer and she used to work as a recruitment trainee in Global Talent Track (GTT). The president of GTT, Manjiri Gokhale said, “After the incident, we checked the CCTV footage and saw that she entered her name in the register at the reception and logged herself in through the biometrics and walked straight to the back (stairwell) of the building and went to the seventh floor. She did not sit or interact with anyone,”


Police Could Not Find The Reason For Her Suicide

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The Police took her body for post-mortem and they told that they could not find the reason for her suicide. Furthermore, they do not find any suicide note from the death scene. The police sub-inspector (PSI) of Mundhwa police station, Amit Walke said,”She had been working with them for the past three-four months. The human resource (HR) executive of the company told us that she had not come to work for the past few days. She was a trainee for a telecommunication course at the company,”


She Was Absent For Several Days

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Police are trying to find the reason behind her chronic absence from the office. Ashwini Gaware’s uncle Kisan Gaware said,“There was no problem at home. She kept saying that she was sick and could not go to work.”


Case Was Registered As Accidental Death

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Ashwini Gaware used to live with her paternal-aunt. Her father died when she was a child and her mother was not in Pune. Sub Inspector Walke told that the case was registered as an accidental death.

Life is precious, no matter how worse the situation is, we should not end it. Everyone goes through the hard times. Some have to struggle less and some have to struggle more but we should accept it as the part of our life and should march forward with a smile. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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