Have A Look At These Real Life Monster Made By Scientists – Shocking!

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These monsters created by the scientists are dangerous for us! They not only will harm the humans but can kill us too! These genetically modified animals can be considered as a scientific development, but they are too dangerous for us to consider them positively. These monsters are real-life monsters living with us!


1. Glow-In-The-Dark Animals Created By Experiments By Scientists


It seems like once the scientists figured out how to make glow-in-the-dark animals, they wasted no time in making everything within reach into a Halloween decoration. Although the cool factor is probably enough to start someone experimenting (one rabbit was created solely for art’s sake), there are actually other, nobler reasons for these strange-looking creatures. For example, cats injected with the glow-in-the-dark gene are more resistant to feline HIV, which affects 500 million cats around the world. Scientists have also injected fish with glow-in-the-dark genes in order to track their migration.


2. Sudden-Death Mosquitoes

sudden death mosquito

Each year, one million deaths are caused by malaria, and another 300 million people are infected—so it stands to reason that scientists should develop ways to end the fight against this disease. With the inspiration of fighting fire with fire, scientists have come up with malaria-fighting mosquitoes. These types of mosquitoes have been genetically modified to develop resistance against the Plasmodium parasite—making it near impossible to infect the host mosquito. But past experiences have shown that Plasmodium parasites are able to quickly evolve and develop an immunity to anything that threatens to destroy them. So would it be better if scientists just killed all mosquitoes?


3. See-Through Animals


Also called the “ryunkin” goldfish, this translucent swimmer was created by researchers at Mie and Nagoya universities in Japan. The see-through goldfish sports see-through skin that reveals a beating heart, brain and other internal organs. The idea was to eliminate the need for dissecting fish for lab experiments, a practice opposed by animal rights groups, as noted in a previous TreeHugger post.


4. Fast-Growing Salmon


Aqua-bounty, a Waltham, Massachusetts, company is developing AquAdvantage Salmon— designed to grow twice as fast as traditional salmon. The company says the advanced-hybrid Super Salmon would be good for inland fish farming and diminish the need for ocean pens. And the fish are sterile (fingers crossed), so there’s no need to worry about them escaping to the wild. Just as a reminder, Asian carp got into Illinois rivers after fish farms flooded. The salmon pictured above grew big on its own!


5. Featherless Chicken And Bird-Flu Resistant Chicken

Featherless Chicken And Bird-Flu Resistant Chicken Scientists

What you are looking at is man’s cruel joke on nature. In the name of economy and KFC-loving humans, scientists in Israel have created a prototype of a breed of featherless chickens that can save time on plucking, are more environmentally friendly, and in general, significantly reduce the cost of raising them. The scientists claimed that featherless chickens are extremely safe because they are created by breeding a regular broiler chicken with a Naked Neck.

Aren’t these monsters very dangerous? We should stop having them before it’s too late! So what are we waiting for? Take a step today! Read more about such dangerous animals in, 10 Most Dangerous Animals In The World That Can Kill You In Seconds!