Research Shows What Dogs Dream About And It’s Going To Bring You Tears

Dogs Dream



100 billion neurons. 20% of total oxygen consumption. More than 50,000 thoughts per day. Working day in and day out. That's human brain for you. So much is known, yet so little. Well, must have heard enough about our brains. Lets talk about something else today. Ever wondered what goes inside the mind of dogs, their dreams, their thoughts?


All those who have dogs as pets can relate to this. Must have seen your pet lurking around, running around, barking at someone, bringing the morning newspaper and so on. So, what exactly goes in your dog's mind during each such time. What do they think and dream about, perhaps chasing cats or having some good quality dog food. Well, scientists at Harvard recently conducted a study to find an answer to this very question. And they got some fascinating answers.

The research showed that dogs mostly dream about the people with whom they spend most of their time, i.e., their owners. According to Dr. Deirdre Barrett, there is no reason as to why the mindset of pets be any different from humans. Just like we think about our daily tasks in a vague manner, they also do the same. Dogs soon get extremely attached to people. So at some point they may be dreaming of their owners face and at other point their smell. Maybe even dreaming about annoying their owner.

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Looks like this little journey to fathom the great depths of their dog's mind have led many people to upload photographs of their sleeping pets on social media. The heartwarming revelation has touched one and all and many of them just can't hold back their tears on knowing that their pet is dreaming about them.

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Because obviously, its very soothing and heartwarming to know that your pet thinks and cares about you, even in its sleep. Dogs truly deserve the love they get and much more. Many stories of dogs we have read and one of the most interesting one you can read here.

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