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There are so many examples which proves the unconditional love of Dog. There is hardly anyone who deny this fact. No body can doubt on the unconditional love given by these mammal. Everyday we hear new stories about them and the more we listen, lesser it feels. Today I will be sharing the new story of a dog named as "LUCCI".


Lucci: Friendly and Loyal

In the streets of Vishal Nagar Pune, I have seen this lovable creature who is so friendly that words are not there to express. Her selfless and unconditional love made me to write this and share her story with everyone of you.

Incident took place around a month, when some people left three small puppies at street. Puppies were looking very small not even a month old. They were without their mom and searching her every where but all in vain. No body in the society knows from where they came from. They were dying from starvation. People from society trying to feed those puppies but they were too small and anything less than their mother's milk would not save them. Than myself along with the members of society have seen something incredible.





Unconditional and selfless love from our hero Lucci. She not only rescued those puppies, but also feed them milk. And since that day she is taking care of those puppies like her own puppies and feeding them milk regularly. Now puppies are around two months old but still she feeds them. Whenever society members give food to Lucci, those naughty puppies comes and eat that food and Lucci silently let them eat. Today this selfless love is missing from humans and Lucci is setting up an example for everyone. Entire people from society have amazed from her behaviour and she became the talk of the society. Hats off to Lucci for her selfless and unconditional love.angel



If we don't love them, atleast don't throw stones at them. These innocent creatures does not need anything apart from your love and in return they love us unconditionally. Lucci remind me a tale of Hachiko – An Akita breed Dog from Japan. 

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