Hyderabad Boys Burn Puppies Alive While Being Recorded – Disturbing Video



In Hyderabad, two videos have emerged of dogs being killed in most cruel ways.

One of the videos has been filmed by boys who set three puppies on fire after tying them together and covering them with hay, dry grass and twigs. The puppies are heard squealing in terror.

One of the pups is seen trying to wriggle out of the burning pile. The boy filming the video is heard egging his friends on.

A case has been filed by animal activists Shreya Paropkari and Jayasimha Nuggehalli.


The last case which dealt with animal abuse was similar and the sadist MBBS students got out just after paying Rs. 50 as bail money. What have we become? We definitely need better laws against animal cruelty.

Everyone deserves to live. These heart breaking cruelties make us question what mankind is heading towards. 

Vijay Alagar
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