Is Hitler Still Alive? Intriguing Conspiracy Theory – Read On To Know More


On April 30 1945, Hitler committed suicide in his underground Bunker, after knowing that he had no way to escape.

Fun Fact : The underground bunker of the former president of Iraq was built by the grandson of the man who built the underground bunker of Adolf Hitler.



Recently FBI declassified some files which increases our belief over the conspiracy, that Hitler didn’t commit suicide, but escaped the bunker.

On August 1945, the bureau received a letter from a man stating that he would exchange some information for political asylum.

The shocking part is the information he said he would share.

He shared the information that, Hitler is living happily in Argentina, and the Argentinian Government is aiding him.

He even shared some very detailed information and the place where he is hiding out. But, the agency never investigated it.


Here’s an old photograph, which looks like Hitler.


If you still don’t believe this, then this is a file which was declassified by the FBI few months back.



I love these kinda stories. 

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