Schoolboy From Chennai Wins 67 Lakhs Scholarship From Google For A Project Which Helps Fishermen


A 14-year-old boy from Chennai, has won the Google Community Impact Award from thousands of projects that were shortlisted by judges. 

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Advay Ramesh bagged the prestigious award for Asia, out of the thousands of projects from over 107 countries. The Google Science Fair invited students from around the world to use science and engineering to make something better.

Advay's project focused on fishermen from Rameswaram in Tamil Nadu. He said, "I have often read news articles about the troubles encountered by fisherman and they stay in the sea for many days to do their work and sometimes the Sri Lankan Navy arrest them for crossing the International Maritime Boundary Line."

Sharing his excitement on winning, he said, "Winning the Google Community Impact Award means a lot to me, it would help me learn more and develop my idea further."

For this project, which Advay titled "Fishermen Lifeline Terminal" (FELT), the Class X student worked on the application software using Global Positioning Services (GPS), that can potentially run in a handheld terminal to enhance their safety and productivity. He won a $10,000 scholarship in funding as well as mentoring for one year from Scientific American to help develop his project. 


Article Inspired from : Indiatimes

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