The Creature Called “Yeti” Is Actually An Evolved Form Of A Bear



Large ape like figures have been seen in the mountains of Asia. Many compare this ape like figures to yeti (a mythical animal). However, the DNA study told that these apes like creatures are not yetis. Moreover, they are bears that actually look like Apes. The researchers investigated the scrap of skin from the hand or paw of an alleged Yeti, part of a monastic relic and a fragment of femur bone, allegedly from decayed Yeti and made this conclusion.


Earth Is Full Of Surprises


We all know that Earth is full of surprises and every time we unfold a new chapter about it. We are served with surprises. A strange animal was seen in the mountains of Asia, that animal has a weird physique that arrested the attention of everyone. Since, that giant animal looks like man, it was called “Himmanav” in Hindi.


Yeti Is Not An Ape It’s a Bear


Somehow, it was revealed that the animal is neither ape nor man but it is a bear. According to the scientist and professor of Buffalo College of arts and science, Carlot Licklist, the DNA of bones teeth and skin of the so called “yeti” is similar to that of a bear.


Evolved Due To Conditions


They also supported their study with the evolution theory. They said the bears had to travel long distances in the need of food. So, they would have grown accustomed of using two legs instead of four for walking.


Most Accurate Study Ever Done On This Topic


Professor, Carlot Licklist says that it is the most accurate study ever done on this topic. And, they have proved it scientifically.

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