These Coolest Schools In The World Will Make You Attend School Everyday

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11. Loop Kindergarten, Tokyo, Japan

Loop Kindergarten, Tokyo, Japan

Not a single sharp corner exists in this school. So from the floor plan to the window sills, rounded edges make for a kid-friendly environment that is brought to life with 18 vivid colors. Hence the gradually transforming colors are used by the children to identify different areas in the structure so they don’t get lost.


12. Green School, Bali, Indonesia

Green School, Bali, Indonesia

Voted as one of the greenest schools in the world. So this incredible space looks more like a resort than a school! While the sustainable bamboo campus includes classrooms, a gym, faculty housing, office, and cafes. And everything is powered by clean energy sources such as hydro-powered vortex generator and solar panels.


13. Bridge School, Xiashi, China

Bridge School, Xiashi, China Schools

This amazing school is literally a bridge between two parts of the village which lies on either side of a small creek. Suspended from the building, but running below the classrooms, is a walkway for all the village people to use.


14. Ny Krohnborg School, Bergen, Norway

Ny Krohnborg School, Bergen, Norway

This school is situated in Norway. While the Norwegian architects have made an entire neighborhood with their incredible renovation. And also the expansion of an old, run-down school was done. So amazing!


15. Container Classroom, Cape Town, South Africa

Container Classroom, Cape Town, South Africa

This school is located on the outskirts of Cape Town. Vissershok Primary School is a rural school dedicated to the children of farmworkers and the underprivileged communities. While it is made of a teeny tiny recycled container which was converted into a classroom for the kindergarten students. So this concept could revolutionize education in the poorer countries, making it the coolest of the cool schools out there.

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