These Coolest Schools In The World Will Make You Attend School Everyday

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Schools play a vital role in the upbringing of a child. Schools with lots of natural light, color, flexibility, and social connections can make your child go to school every day. So forget all the stuffy, outdated, and old classrooms and look at these modern and well-furnished coolest schools. From the classrooms without having walls to the ones which float on water, all these schools have been given an excellent grades from us! Have a look.


1. Telephonplan School, Stockholm, Sweden

 Telephonplan School, Stockholm, Sweden

In this amazing Swedish school, there are neither any classes nor classrooms. So instead, students are made to learn in groups. While the school aims to create an experience for every student, the challenges of learning in such environments are very important.


2. Makoko Floating School, Lagos, Nigeria

Makoko Floating School, Lagos, Nigeria

In a city of rising water, these architects have truly thought out of the box in order to create a school that floats. So the school is complete with a playground along with two stories of classrooms. The wooden structure collects solar energy and also rainwater so that the school partially stays self-sustainable.


3. Fuji Yochien, Toyko, Japan

 Fuji Yochien, Toyko, Japan

Fuji Yochien is a private preschool situated in the suburbs of Tokyo. Here the classrooms are like jungle gyms that wrap around the massive Keyaki trees that are found on the campus. Hence they support the walls of the classrooms, and the structure also is a play area. While the children are encouraged here to create and make their own rules and play fun games. The various school rules of Japan will leave you surprised. Read here.


4. Bois Genoud School, Lausanne, Switzerland

Bois Genoud School, Lausanne, Switzerland

This school has the lightest and the brightest classrooms! Yes, you heard it right. Situated in Switzerland, this school has it all!


5. Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia

Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia

With the huge space, along with hundreds of old desks. This school is as movable and flexible with dividing screens. Along with bright splashes of color, which provide a bold and lively backdrop. So it encourages interactive, collaborative, and also social methods of learning.