These Coolest Schools In The World Will Make You Attend School Everyday

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6. Kikuma Watanabe, Sangkhlaburi Village, Thailand

Kikuma Watanabe, Sangkhlaburi Village, Thailand

In an attempt to alleviate poverty, architects worked with Thai students, encouraging them to draw their perfect school. One of them drew a flying ship, which was then translated into this design. Yup, it’s a floating school. Hence with two earthy rooms down below, a light steel structure was built of bamboo. And a grass roof to create a light and breezy classroom.


7. Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, Scotland

Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, Scotland

With an exterior made of blue translucent material, this well-designed art school fits into the rest of the traditional city architecture while making a bold statement. While the workspaces are filled with natural light thanks to rows of skylights.


8. Abedian School Of Architecture, Sydney Australia

Abedian School of Architecture, Sydney Australia

When designing this school, the architects focused on non-curricula events that take place inside the building and then incorporated creative architectural details and bright, colorful furniture for a dynamic, functional space where students can readily gain inspiration. We mean, it’s a school of architecture, so it better look good, right?


9. Vienna University, Vienna, Austria

Vienna University, Vienna, Austria

Bold colors are definitely a theme at this modern university. Bright oranges, yellows, and blues are repeated everywhere, from the exterior paint color to the furniture and even the supposedly subdued library.


10. Xiaquon Elementary School, Xiaquon, China

Xiaquon Elementary School, Xiaquon, China

After a devastating earthquake, the community pooled together to rebuild the local elementary school. The overall concept is to make the learning environment like a small city. Hence a labyrinth of passages and playgrounds provokes curiosity. While recreating a sense of belonging from having their homes destroyed.