Check Out These Crazy And Cool School Uniforms From Various Countries

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School Uniforms are a must for all the children going to the school. Every country has different kind and color of school uniform which represents them. School uniforms are said to maintain discipline and passion among the children. We can identify the school which they belong to just by their uniform. Thus school uniforms are a necessary aspect for the kids. Have a look at how these countries have different school uniforms.


1. Japan

Japan Uniform with high heel and socks

Japanese school uniform for the girls called, “seifuku,” is famous in the world. All thanks to the anime cartoons and the manga comic books which made them famous. It has a blouse in the sea style along with a pleated skirt that goes shorter and shorter as girls get older. Whereas shoes with a small hill at the bottom along with knee socks are mandatory even in winters. Girls use a special glue to stop the socks from sliding down.


2. Great Britain

School dress code is very strict in England

School dress code is super strict in England. The first ever uniform was blue. This color was said to teach the kids how to be well organized and calm (and also it was the cheapest kind of fabric). Presently, every school has its own school uniform and own symbols. Some of the schools even have such strict rules of not allowing the students to wear shorts in super hot weather. These summer boys in a school went on a strike wearing skirts to school. After this strike, many schools initialized gender-neutral uniforms.


3. Australia

The Australian educational system borrowed many things from Great Britain

The educational system of Australia borrowed a lot of things from Great Britain. Their school uniforms are similar to the British ones very much, just they are more open and more light. Many schools also need students to wear the hats due to a very hot climate.


4. Cuba

There are a few variations of uniforms in Cuba

There are a few types of uniforms in Cuba: a white top with yellow bottom, and a blue top with the dark blue bottom. They also have the white shirts with red sundresses or pants and some necessary element like a tie, which the Soviet students know about (though it can also be both red and blue).


5. Indonesia

In Indonesia, the school uniform colors are different depending on the stage of education

While in Indonesia, the school uniform colors are very different depending on the stage of education. The top is usually white while the bottom can be red, dark blue, or maybe grey. The most interesting part comes here: after the students have passed a national exam, they celebrate this “freedom” by painting over each other’s uniforms in different colors using some markers and also spray paints. Goodbye!