Check Out These Crazy And Cool School Uniforms From Various Countries

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6. China

Chinese students have a few sets of uniform

Chinese students have a different set of uniform: for holidays and for ordinary days while for summer and winters too. Everyday uniforms for both girls and boys are similar and they look a lot like sportswear.


7. Ghana

All children in the country are required to wear a uniform

All children in every country are required to wear a school uniform, but Ghana, like the other majority African countries, has a very low income with a very high level of poverty among its population. So, buying a school uniform is one of the major issues which does not allow many kids to get an education in the country. In 2010, the government gave the uniform for free across different towns in the country.


8. Vietnam

wear a white national costume- “ao dai.

The dress code in both elementary and secondary schools is quite ordinary, but the girls from high school can wear a white national costume called “ao dai.” In some schools, girls wear them only on special occasions and ceremonies while the others require the costume to be worn every day.


9. Syria

The school uniform in Syria was changed from the dull khaki to brighter colors

School uniforms in Syria got changed from the dull khaki to brighter colors (blue, grey, and pink) way before the military conflict due to some political reasons. It represented the wish to live in peace in the Middle East.


10. Bhutan

students wear a traditional national costume is Bhutan

A country where school students wear a traditional national costume is Bhutan. The girls’ uniforms are called “Kira” while the boys’ uniforms are called “gho.” Kids previously used to carry all textbooks and school supplies in their clothes, but now they have backpacks and also other bags.