Check Out These Crazy And Cool School Uniforms From Various Countries

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11. South Korea

In South Korea, kids study from morning till evening.

In South Korea, kids study from the morning until the evening. It is no doubt that many of them think that schools are a romantic place since they spend most of their lives there. Dress code is obviously required and also regulated by the schools themselves. Their uniforms are quite popular even outside their schools and also among celebrities.


12. Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, students have to wear white uniforms.

In Sri Lanka, the students wear white uniforms. Girls wear dresses with ties, whereas the sleeves and collars can be different. Boys wear white shirts with blue shorts. But on special occasions, boys wear white shorts.


13. Russia

in many schools, uniforms are required, others just require an official dress code white top and dark bottom.

In Russia, uniforms were totally canceled in the ’90s, but since the year 2013, school administrations have made their own rules. Thus in many schools, uniforms are required while others just require an official dress code which is a white top with the dark bottom.


14. North Korea

In North Korea, school uniforms are mandatory

In North Korea, school uniforms are compulsory. The girls wear dresses and boys have to wear shirts with pants. But the unique part of this uniform is the red scarf which is a symbol of support for the North Korean political parties.


15. India

Most Indian schools have mandatory uniforms.

Almost every Indian school have compulsory uniforms. Boys have to dress in a buttoned-shirt with short sleeves, along with a pair of short pants, socks, and also dark shoes. Whereas girls wear both a knee-long tunic and also pants with shoes.

These uniforms are so different from each other just like the countries are! However, every place has its own culture and way of dressing. This is evident in the above images. Interested in reading about more facts from around the world? Well, make sure you check out these Fascinating Facts About The Various Countries Of The World Which Will Surprise You!