Fascinating Facts About The Various Countries Of The World Will Surprise You


The world is an amazing place. It is home to many cultures, countries, citizens, and animals as well. Many countries have many interesting and fascinating things to learn about.  Check out these amazing facts about the various countries in the world. Some might shock you.


1. The Netherlands Has No Stray Dogs


The strict laws implemented the Netherlands government allowing no one to leave their pets or stray animals on the street. So, there are no stray animals in the country. The best country in the world, right?


2. Everyone Uses Bicycles in Houten


All the people in Houten, a city in the Netherlands, use a bicycle for traveling. It is recognized as the safest city in the world.  Pedestrians can freely walk on the road without worrying about incoming traffic. Also, think about the pollution levels in the country. Surely, India needs to promote bicycles.


3. All Jails Are Closed In The Netherlands

All Jails Are Closed in netherlands

It is becoming the safest country in the world. Dutch prisons have no one to put in jail. Hence, all the jails in the Netherlands are closed. Wonder what it feels to live in such a country!


4. No Cars Using Gasoline By 2025

No Cars Using Gasoline By 2025 in netherlands

By 2025, production of gasoline-powered vehicles will be stopped. There will be no Gasoline powered vehicles in the Netherlands by then. An amazing move for a better and cleaner environment.