Fascinating Facts About The Various Countries Of The World Will Surprise You


5. Animal Bridges

Animal Bridges in netherlands

They have special bridges called “Wildlife crossings” are built by the Dutch people. Animals can use them to cross safely across the highways.


6.  6-Hour Working Day At Sweden

6-Hour Working Day At Sweden

Sweden is officially moving towards a 6-hour working day. At the same time, this won’t affect the size of anyone’s wages. Meanwhile, this is because of experts saying that employees do the same amount of work in 6 hours as they do in 8 with an increase in productivity. This helps employees lead a happy life and enjoy some family time.


7. Japanese Schools Are The Best In The World

Japan Schools Are The Best In The World

Children are first taught respect for people and animals, generosity, self-control, and to search for truth. Academic knowledge comes second. While the school year starts with the blooming of the sakura flower on April 1st. This helps them feel both serious and inspired. The schools do not have helpers. Students themselves keep their surroundings clean and learn the value of hard work. The attendance rate in Japanese schools is 99.99%.


8. Don’t Feed Birds In Singapore

Don't Feed Birds In Singapore

There are some things you cannot do while you’re visiting a country. Like for example, you should not feed the birds at Singapore since this entails paying a large amount of money as fine.