True Stories Of These Children Who Were Raised By The Animals

Chidren raised by the animals via

Animals are said to be a part of lives. Dogs, cats, rabbits etc are like our family members since we keep them as pets. But for these children, animals were the survival kit. They grew with them and their true stories are very fascinating. Julia Fullerton-Batten, a photographer from Germany has put together these images. These following photos show us the documented cases of some feral children belonging to various continents.


1. Lobo Wolf Girl

Lobo Wolf Girl is said to have been seen in Mexico during the 1840s

Lobo Wolf Girl was seen in Mexico during the late 1840s, where she ate a goat along with the wolves and even the wolf cubs. She eventually later disappeared completely and was nowhere to be found.


2. Oxana Malaya

Oxana Malaya’s case took place in Ukraine during 1991

Oxana Malaya’s case was discovered in Ukraine during the year 1991 when she was discovered living with the dogs due to the thoughtless behavior of her alcoholic parents. Presently she is working with farm animals under a heavy supervision.


3. Shamdeo

Shamdeo was a four year old boy living in India during 1972

Shamdeo was a four-year-old boy living in India during the year 1972.  When he was discovered in a local forest, he lived on a diet of raw meat and had bonded well with wolf cubs. But he passed away a few years later after he was rescued.


4. Prava

Prava’s story took place in 2008

Prava’s story took place in the year 2008 when he lived in a two bedroom apartment in Russia and was confined in a room with only bird cages. He was not able to speak and communicated totally in chirps. His rehabilitation and recovery are still underway.