Check Out The List Of These Billionaires Who Lost Their Everything – No. 3 Is Shocking

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5. Vijay Mallya

Billionaires who lost wealth

Mallya inherited his father’s liquor company in 1983 and become a top businessman buying and starting other companies. In two decades, he even owned an airline and raised his net worth to 1.8 billion dollars. Then his airline collapsed and he was left with huge debts. He was also forced out of his company with a 75 million dollar payoff. Now, his net worth is unknown but clearly, he’s not a billionaire anymore.


6. Hung Yau Lit

Billionaire once

Hung owns Regina Miracle International, the company that supplies bras and underwear to Victoria Secret and Calvin Klein. In 2016, his net worth was valued at 1.3 billion. But when Victoria Secret started slowing their orders down, the company lost 45% of its shares value. And Mr. Lit’s personal worth was also reduced by 550 million dollars.


7. Vince McMahon

Billionaires who lost everything

One of the owners of WWE, Vince was also famous for his GIF. In March, his net worth was around 1.6 billion. After launching the WWE network, he signed a TV deal for much lower than expected and it didn’t do well as investors had hoped for. In a span of 2 days, his personal net worth dropped by 700 million.

So, these were some of the billionaires who couldn’t retain their wealth and hence, were left with no or very less money. Women are also not behind men nowadays. So, here check out the richest women in the world which will surely inspire you.