A Pakistani Girl Talks About Her Relationship With Mohammed Shami For The First Time – Here’s What She Said

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Mohammad Shami and his alleged extramarital affair with a Pakistani girl called Alishba has come to light now. Mohammad Shami’s wife Hasin has already made several allegations on him. Apart from having multiple affairs, she also has alleged that Shami along with his family had plotted her murder too. Hasin, in fact, said that Shami wanted his brother to have a physical relationship with Hasin.

Shami and wife

After all the allegations, by both Hasin and Shami’s sides, Alishba, the Pakistani girl has taken a step forward and talked over this matter. As reported by ABP, Alishba clarified and shared her secret relationship with Shami. She also stated about their controversial meetings in Dubai lately. After being asked for the meeting in Dubai, she clarified,

“Yes, I  have met him”.

Shami and family

When asked about how she knew that Shami was flying over to Dubai, she replied,

“I am a very frequent flyer to Dubai as my sister resides in Sharjah. And as a person, I really like Mohammed Shami. Being a fan who has always idolized a celebrity, they do always dream of meeting in person with their idol. I always wanted to meet him like any other fan would have wanted to, which I do not feel is a very big deal.”

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She also said,

“I do respect him a lot as a person that he is and we are just good friends. When I came to know that Shami was flying back home from South Africa via Dubai. Then co-incidentally I was also going to Dubai at my sisters’ place.”

Adding more, she said,

“I am among his followers and I really respect him. And this is how we became friends. Just like he is having lakhs of other followers, I am among one of those normal fans. I have also sent him few messages.”

Now, we all know what the truth is. But she might be taking his side because she loves him? Who knows. We just want justice. Maybe Hasin Jahan has cheated on Shami?  Well, here is the proof of it.