These Strange Facts About The Things You See In Your Dreams

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These days due to hectic schedules most of the people couldn’t get enough sleep. Getting deep slumber every day is one of the luxurious things the person has. And if you miss that then you are the poorest person in this world. I see most of the people who are very rich in terms of money only, but they can’t have enough sleep that body needs, they can’t take complete food because if taken it hurts their body, they can’t spend their time with their family members.

If you can’t get sleep, if you can’t take food due to health issues, if you can’t have time to spend with yourself and with your family members then even though you are rich in terms of money but you are the poor person in this world. Luxury is not measured in terms of money, luxury is measured in terms of people who can truly love you and stand with you during difficult times.

Well, these things apart, dreaming is as natural as sleeping, but many often wake up in utter distress, confused, shaken and bewildered by what they just saw.

Some dreams are mysterious and sometimes it even takes you to enigmatic places. Here are some strange facts about why you dream, what you dream and what it means.


1. Premonitions


Most of the times, our dreams have no meaning. But there are also powerful psychic dreams, where we can see future events in sleep. Some people came forward with their dreams that predicted the Titanic disaster, 9/11 attacks, plane crashes, etc. Some dreams give us advanced warnings to either avoid danger or prepare for difficult events.


2. Black And Whites


Do you usually dream in black and white? The black and white dream says lack of excitement in your life. Dreaming of black and white also implies that you lack friendships and emotional supports. It also indicates that your unconscious mind is attempting to communicate some problem to your conscious mind.  Dreaming in black and white also signifies that you have the opportunity for a new beginning.


3.  Forgotten Dreams


We forget almost all dreams soon after waking up. Our forgetfulness is attributed to neurochemical conditions in the brain that occur during REM sleep, ensuring that we lose track of 95-99% of our dreams.


4. Nightmares


In adults, nightmares are often spontaneous. But they can also be caused by a variety of factors and underlying disorders. While dreams can occur during all five stages, nightmares only happen in the fifth stage. It is where you will have less control over your mind.


5. Lucid Dreams


You will have an awareness that you are dreaming. Lucid dreaming is like when the dream seems real and it feels like one can control and tweak the dreams based on characters, narrative, and environment.

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