28 Largest Malls In India; Phoenix Marketcity, Pacific Mall, Jio World Plaza, And More

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The mall is the place to go if you want to shop, have fun, and spend time with your dear ones. Some of them also include several brand-new facilities for the country. To learn about the largest malls in India, see this page. Also, know about their location and the first-rate amenities they offer clients. Each mall has its unique amenities and differentiating features.

Moreover, those traits appeal to customers. These malls are significant in terms of both physical size and the range and variety of shops and amenities they provide. In India, where the habit of shopping has fast taken root, malls serve the demands of the general people. Furthermore, there is no denying that the largest malls in India are energetic, joyful places.


1. Phoenix Marketcity Mall, Mumbai

Phoenix Marketcity Mall, Mumbai

The largest mall in Mumbai and Maharashtra is Phoenix Market City. It is also popular for being a shoppers’ paradise and is the greatest location for combining shopping, eating, and entertainment into one. Additionally, this offers the greatest variety of brands and retail establishments of any mall in the nation.

This mall carries the majority of the famous and most sought-after brands. Furthermore, it occupies 2.1 million square feet. Kurla is home to Phoenix Marketcity, where you may shop from upscale brands until you drop. Watching a 4DX film here and visiting the snowy amusement area known as Snow World will also elevate your cinematic experience.


2. Sarath City Capital Mall, Hyderabad

Sarath City Capital Mall, Hyderabad

You can see a combination of artistic creations and historical mementos in Hyderabad. Additionally, Sarath City Mall is the ideal choice if you want to visit the largest retail mall in Hyderabad. One of the largest malls in India, it rises to a height of 8 stories and spans a vast 27 lakh square foot space. It’ll be ideal for a fantastic experience.

As you continue to fill your bags, this mall will also continue to fill your hearts with wonderful friendliness. You have many to discover and choose from among more than 430 brand retailers. It also includes jewelry, smart electronics, apparel, shoes, and other crucial goods. The mall offers a 7-screen premium and luxury cineplex and a chic marketplace with all your needs.


3. DLF Mall of India, Noida

DLF Mall of India, Noida

Noida is famous for its vibrant nightlife, mouthwatering cuisine, and fantastic shopping. It was constructed in 2007 by Unitech Group and began operating in 2016. The list of the largest malls in India also includes the DLF Mall of India. Additionally, this location is ideal for nonstop games and entertainment. It features the top fine dining restaurants, cafes, Snow World, and Premium PVR multiplexes.

It has 330 stores, entertainment options, and even a race track for thrill-seekers. DLF Mall is often regarded as the best mall in India. There are also more than 70 cafes, restaurants, and premium food and beverage alternatives to satisfy your appetite. It offers all kinds of shopping you possibly want.


4. HiLITE Mall, Kozhikode

HiLITE Mall, Kozhikode

Best known for its 200+ branded retail outlets and numerous food establishments, Kozhikode’s HiLITE Mall. This also transforms it into a prestigious center for shopping and entertainment. In addition, the mall has two gaming areas, a snow park, an eight-screen multiplex, and a NESTO hypermarket chain.

This mall, which was developed as a component of HiLITE City’s integrated township, has a sizable retail area. Additionally, it is present at IT parks, which contributes to a respectable amount of weekday foot traffic. As a result, it is now among the busiest malls in the city and the rest of Kerala.


5. LuLu International Shopping Mall, Kochi

LuLu International Shopping Mall, Kochi

In Kochi, the state of Kerala offers fantastic shopping and leisure opportunities. It is also undoubtedly one of India’s biggest and largest malls. The largest retail center in southern India is Lulu International. It provides guests with the best dining, entertainment, and shopping experiences in Kochi. Here, you’ll discover the top shops, markets, and superstores.

Additionally, there are 11 fine dining restaurants, six upscale cafes, a 9-screen movie theatre, and a unique 5D experience. In addition to being one of India’s largest malls, it is also the location of South India’s largest artificial ice rink. Along with a 12-lane bowling alley, it also offers a trampoline park.


6. Z Square Mall, Kanpur

Z Square Mall, Kanpur

Z Square Mall is the greatest place for your friends and family to explore everything Kanpur offers because it is the one-stop shop for all your needs. Furthermore, it houses about 150 products, including local handicrafts, national brands, and worldwide brands. It belongs to the exclusive group of the largest malls in India. Visit one of India’s largest malls if amazement and thrill are on your mind.

It is in the center of the city and is the ideal spot to satisfy all your shopping requirements. It is also the first mall in the nation to have an atrium that was explicitly created along a squared track without back lanes. Additionally, it is the first mall in India to have had a complete renovation, adding free high-speed wifi and travelators that start in the third basement.


7. Phoenix Marketcity Mall, Bengaluru

Phoenix Marketcity Mall, Bengaluru

Phoenix Marketcity is one of Bangalore’s biggest and busiest malls. It also features over 250 shops, 30 restaurants, and a sizable food court. Moreover, it offers gaming areas like Amoeba and Smaaash and a 9-screen PVR multiplex for the maximum amusement of children and adults. If weary shoppers want to engage in a self-pampering session, there are also spas and salons here. At this mall, parking is not a problem because there is space for up to 1700 cars.


8. Elante Mall, Chandigarh

Elante Mall, Chandigarh

In Chandigarh, Elante Mall has emerged as the preferred destination for shoppers. On its five stories, it also houses numerous Indian and foreign brands. Additionally, it includes a food court with various dining alternatives for consumers and a courtyard full of cafes. Fun City and an 8-screen PVR multiplex are also present. Young shoppers can unwind and have fun in this Landmark Group kid’s entertainment area. They can also participate in activities like balloon sculpture and nail art, among others.


9. World Trade Park Mall, Jaipur

World Trade Park Mall, Jaipur

Are you trying to find a modern architectural marvel? The solution is the World Trade Park Mall in Jaipur. It is on the list of the largest malls in India and attracts attention with its stunning design. Additionally, it is separated into blocks connected by a bridge and spread out over over 50 acres. It also has about 10 floors exquisitely decorated with tiles and glass in shades of blue and silver color.

One of the largest shopping malls in India, with over 500 stores overall, is there on the mall’s property. There are also many possibilities for entertainment, shopping, dining, watching movies, and buying electronics. Along with shopping, this mall in Jaipur also promises extra leisure time.


10. Mantri Square Mall, Bengaluru

Mantri Square Mall, Bengaluru

In recent years, Mantri Square Mall, which was established in 2010 by Mantri Developers, has gained popularity as a prominent landmark in Bangalore. In terms of shop space, it is also one of the largest malls in India. It also features the sole functioning direct metro connectivity of any nationwide mall.

Visit the mall and take advantage of the six-screen, ultra-luxurious INOX multiplex. To complete all of your shopping needs, you can also go to one of the mall’s 250 top brands. Observe the best combination of local antiques and Indian and international brands. These are so wonderful as to simultaneously astonish and enthrall you.


11. Esplanade One Mall, Bhubaneswar

Esplanade One Mall, Bhubaneswar

One of Bhubaneswar’s top retail districts is Esplanade One. In addition, it is the largest mall in Odisha. It quickly gained popularity among the city’s shoppers as it is home to several popular brands in various categories. It consists of clothing, accessories, and more. Additionally, this nine-floor mall contains a sizable food court and numerous popular restaurants and bars. A large parking lot, a gaming area, and a Cinepolis theatre all contribute to the mall’s popularity.


12. Ambience Mall, Delhi

Ambience Mall, Delhi

Everyone may enjoy upscale shopping at Delhi’s¬†Ambience Mall. By size, it is one of the biggest malls in India. Additionally, if you want to treat yourself and enjoy a day of shopping and dining, it is a must-visit location. Its extensive retail sector makes it India’s premier mall for shopping of any kind.

Additionally, going to Ambience Mall is the ideal justification for treating your loved ones to delicious food, designer clothing, and a good time. This mall features unusual, enormous art installations. Moreover, available here are luxury brands, ethnic clothing, furnishings, and jewelry.


13. Ambience Mall, Gurgaon

Ambience Mall, Gurgaon

What is it that you particularly enjoy doing at a mall? Is it going to the mall or meeting up with friends? Have something to eat? or maybe visit the theatre? The Ambience Mall in Gurgaon provides everything you could need in one location. It is also one of India’s largest malls and Gurgaon’s largest mall. It is composed of the sounds of architecture and nature. The mall gives off the impression of being a tranquil retreat from the city’s bustle.

It is also popular for being the most famous mall in the Delhi-NCR region. There are 6 stories in the mall’s foyer, which is very large. A range of Indian and foreign brands are also available. You can also find a wide variety of brands to shop from. From Marks and Spencer to affordable Vero Moda, you have it all right here.


14. The Forum Mall, Bengaluru

The Forum Mall, Bengaluru

Forum Koramangala is one of Bangalore’s first and largest malls. With about 100 retail stores spread out across five stories, it is also a shopper’s paradise. It has many shops; the mall boasts an IMAX screen, an 11-screen PVR multiplex, and a multi-story bookstore. Along with other entertainment and amusement options like Timezone, it also has a food court. Fun fact: The first McDonald’s in South India is present in this city’s oldest commercial center.


15. Phoenix Marketcity Mall, Chennai

Phoenix Marketcity Mall, Chennai

Three of India’s largest shopping malls were built by the same contractors that built Phoenix Marketcity Mall. It will take you nearly half a day to thoroughly tour it, ranking high on the list of largest malls in India. As a result, if you want a fantastic weekend break, you must not forget to stop by this mall in Chennai.

It is the best mall in the suburbs of Chennai because it has Chennai’s first IMAX screen as well as an 11-screen multiplex. Being one of the largest malls in India, it also offers premium beverages and drink alternatives from high-end signature brands. In addition, the trampoline park and kids’ play area make it the finest shopping location for both parents and adults.


16. Orion Mall, Bengaluru

Orion Mall, Bengaluru

Orion Mall Bangalore is a one-stop shop and dining destination for everyone visiting Bangalore. A unique experience is further enhanced by the fact that this location has a distinctive atmosphere and is one of India’s largest malls. Additionally, it is a component of the upscale neighborhood known as Brigade Gateway.

The pleasure and delight of eating and shopping are closer to you, thanks to Orion Mall. In addition, the food court offers a variety of delicious brands, like Taco Bell, KFC, Domino’s, Burger King, and many more. Aside from the food court, the mall’s floors offer a distinctive and open area to sit and take in the outside scenery while enjoying a meal in the comfort of air conditioning.


17. Viviana Mall, Thane

Viviana Mall, Thane

Given its diverse tenant mix, Thane’s most popular shopping destination is Viviana Mall. It also has approximately 250 retail locations for famous brands. A 14-screen Cinepolis and Fun City, where children may engage in games and enjoyable activities, are also located there. It also houses one of the biggest multiplexes. Being the first and only mall in the nation that is accessible to those with vision impairments is one of this mall’s most impressive features. ‘XRCVC-Viviana Extension’ is the name of a nearby resource center.


18. Ahmedabad One Mall, Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad One Mall, Ahmedabad

One of Ahmedabad’s most recognizable shopping centers, Ahmedabad One, has three levels of retail space. In addition, the mall is home to some of the top Indian and worldwide brands and some local names. A hypermarket and two lifestyle stores are among the three anchor retailers. The mall offers several restaurants, cafes, and a food court called Flavours. The mall also has a Fun City for kids and a 6-screen Cinepolis multiplex.


19. Select CITYWALK Mall, Delhi

Select CITYWALK Mall Delhi

One of the top malls in India is Select Citywalk because it provides a distinctive, upscale shopping experience. Additionally, there are a variety of shops and restaurants under one roof with something to suit every taste. It is a member of the exclusive group of India’s largest malls and offers a wealth of memories. Select Citywalk is the greatest choice because of the delectable food, diverse cuisines, lavish decorations, and traditional interior.

It also has the most popular children’s gaming area and cutting-edge multiplex. It has six screens and should be seen. The mall will surprise you with celebrations and colorful decorations for any holiday or special event.


20. High Street Phoenix Mall, Mumbai

High Street Phoenix Mall, Mumbai

The first retail-driven consumption center in India is called High Street Phoenix (HSP). More than 500 brands and various F&B, entertainment, residential, and business complexes are also present there. The mall is separated into three areas: Skyzone, which has anchor stores; Grand Galleria, which attracts impulsive buyers; and Palladium, which is Mumbai’s first luxury shopping complex. Additionally, there is a bowling alley, a 7-sreen PVR multiplex, and an event space called “Festival Square”.


21. The Grand Venice Mall, Greater Noida

The Grand Venice Mall, Greater Noida

This mall offers a variety of shopping alternatives and is truly a work of architectural wonder. The Grand Venice Mall is also a source of pride for Greater Noida. With its entertaining services, it draws tourists as well as shopping. Gondola rides, a zipline, a trampoline park, a bumping vehicle, a 7D theatre, a terrifying house, and a snow park are available. Countless cuisine options are available in the mall’s food court, while 258 retail stores carry a wide range of national and international brands. Additionally, a Cinepolis multiplex is one of the mall’s other standout features.


22. UB City Mall, Bengaluru

UB City Mall, Bengaluru

The first luxury mall in India, UB City, must be there on any list of the best shopping centers in the nation. This mall, present in Bangalore’s Central Business District, is a one-stop shop for fashionistas. Additionally, ‘The Collection is home to more than 40 of the most prestigious names in global fashion. It also has some of the city’s best open-air lounges, cafes, and dining destinations. This shopping center also houses the Angsana Spa, the Sublime Galleria art gallery, and opulent residences.


23. VR Mall, Chennai

VR Mall, Chennai

It is present in Anna Nagar, a posh neighborhood. The VR Mall in Chennai offers more than just fantastic dining and shopping. This mall has 240 retail outlets, a multi-cuisine dining establishment called “Madras House,” and a 10-screen PVR ICON cinema. Additionally, it contains an event area, an outdoor amphitheater, a coworking space called “The Hive,” and a boutique hotel. The distinctive style of this mall, which was influenced by traditional gopurams and other South Indian heritage aspects, makes it stand out from other shopping centers.


24. South City Mall, Kolkata

South City Mall, Kolkata

South City Mall is one of the largest malls in South Kolkata, West Bengal. The mall, which is located on Jadavpur’s upscale Prince Anwar Shah Road, has been operational since 16 January 2008. It is constructed around a 1,000,000-square-foot space, and the parking area can have up to 2,500 vehicles. Additionally, the mall was created by ICS Bentel Associates, a retail design firm. Numerous fashion labels, like Gucci, Zara, Calvin Klein, etc., are at one of Kolkata’s most upscale malls and various dining establishments.


25. The Great India Place (GIP Mall), Noida

The Great India Place (GIP Mall), Noida

One of the biggest and oldest malls in Noida is The Great India Place, often known as GIP Mall. The mall, a component of the bigger Entertainment City, is bordered by a sizable amusement park, a play area for kids, and a store selling sporting goods. The Mall facilities also include several domestic and foreign retail stores, a dining and entertainment area, and a 6-screen Carnival Cinemas multiplex, among other things.


26. City Centre 1 Mall, Kolkata

City Centre 1 Mall, Kolkata

One of the biggest malls in India, The City Centre Malls by Ambuja Neotia group, has a sizable amount of space. In addition, it is home to numerous national and local brands and has an expansive food court and Inox theatres. City Centre Salt Lake has always been famous for its inclusiveness and friendly welcome to all visitors. It consistently captures the actual essence of Kolkata and its ardor for “adda.”


27. Pacific Mall, Delhi

Pacific Mall, Delhi

Tagore Garden’s Pacific Mall is the ideal center for fashion and entertainment. In addition, it is one of Delhi’s biggest malls. It offers various food and entertainment alternatives in addition to over 140 Indian and international brands. A PVR multiplex with a 4DX screen is another feature. The family entertainment center Hang Out, an 8-lane bowling alley, arcade games, and more are among the mall’s highlights.


28. Jio World Plaza Mall, Mumbai

Jio World Plaza

Jio World Plaza is not just a mall; it’s a testament to Mukesh Ambani’s dream project to elevate the essence of luxury shopping in India. As nestled in the heart of Mumbai, this architectural marvel is adorned with showrooms featuring iconic brands like Cartier, Bulgari, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Gucci, IWC Schaffhausen, and Rimowa.

The fact that shopping malls in India offer much more than simply retail is one of the reasons why people prefer them to famous markets. There are more malls than ever, and they are getting better in terms of size, design, and quality. This is one of the leading causes of the presence of premium brands in some of the biggest malls in India today.

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