These Strange Facts About Indian Royal Families will Leave You Stunned

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Today, when we think of the luxury and riches few names pops up in our minds like Bill Gates, Mukesh Ambani or Mark Zuckerberg. This thought always leaves us in imagination that what sort of life these rich families spend and what would be their lifestyle.

India was the country of several emperors and kings and many of these were so rich that we can not even imagine. These royal families used to spend so much of money and wealth on their lifestyle and their ways were strange sometimes.


Strange Facts About Indian Royal Families


1. Ashoka The Great

Royal Families Ashoka

Before converting to Buddhism, Ashoka the Great was famous for his cruel nature. He killed his 99 brothers out of 100 to sit on the emperor’s throne and left only 1, name Tissa and appointed as Deputy King. Ashoka the Chandal (brutal) later on became Ashoka the Great after accepting Buddhism and for spreading it the all over the world.


2. King Jai Singh Of Alwar

Royal Families Alwar

Rolls Royce, car manufacturer company once insulted King Jai Singh by not giving them Rolls Royce. They paid the very heavy price for it. King felt so insulted that he ordered his servants to use Royals Royce to pick the garbage of the kingdom. Company owners eventually asked to forgive them as they were afraid of losing brand value.


3. Nizam Of Hyderabad

Royal Families Nizam

Mir Osman Ali Khan Siddiqi was the last ruler of Hyderabad. During 1940’s he was the richest person in India and his total wealth was around 2 billion dollars which were then equal to 2% of America’s total economy. He spent $200 dollar and bought Jacob diamond, largest diamond in the world to use it as the paperweight.


4. Maharani Gayatri Devi

Royal Families Gyatrhri devi

Maharani Gayatri Devi, Rajmata of Jaipur was a diva. Her royal and luxurious lifestyle was famous all over the world. In 1960, she appeared in the list of 10 most beautiful women in the world by Vogue magazine.


5. Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil

Royal Families

Homosexuality was never accepted as a natural thing in Indian society especially when you belong to a royal family. Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil accepted it publically but his family didn’t like this at all and as a punishment for running down the families name he was disowned by his own family members.


6. Nawab of Junagarh

Royal Families Junagarh

Mahabat Khan Rasul Khan Nawab of Junagarh was so much in love with the dogs that he had 800 dogs and each dog had a personal attendant. He even used to organize grand ceremonies on their marriage and once called viceroy of India Lord Irvin. Lord Irvin refused invitation.


7. King Bodhidharma And Kung Fu

Royal Families Bodhidharma

India and Kung Fu had a link from ancient time. Pallava Dynasty Prince Bodhidharma was so much fascinated with Kung Fu that he went to China and took physical training there from Shaolin monks.


8. Maharani Indira Devi

Royal Families

From the ancient time, India’s Kings and queens were famous for their fashion and wealth. Queen Indira Devi of Cooch Bihar was one of them who loved to spend a lot on her fashion and style. Once she got fascinated by Salvatore Ferragamo’s designs, one of the famous fashion designer of that time. She ordered 100 pairs of shoes from him which were costly beyond imaginations as they were diamond studded.


9. Mughal Harems

Royal Families

One can imagine the royalties of Indian Mughal Harems that ladies of these Harems used to wear one dress only once in a lifetime and then used to give their servants. Many of the interesting stories can be traced back to these Harems.

It is strange that today our country is struggling with poverty but during a certain period of time in history, India was immensely rich and no surprise that it was addressed as Sona Ki Chidiya (The Golden Bird).