10 Richest Cities Of India, Check If Your City Is Listed In Top 10

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India shows a great deal of variety in all the fields. Whether it is the climate or the geographical features, India displays a huge diversity. Apart from the nature, the diversity can be seen in the economical fields. So, today we have brought you 10 richest cities in India. Let us find out, if your city cracked the list.


10. Visakhapatnam

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It is one of the top richest cities in India. The financial capital of Andhra Pradesh has the GDP of $43.5 Billion. This makes it the tenth richest city in India. The GDP of Visakhapatnam was $26 Billion in 2011.


9. Surat

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This is one of the fastest growing cities in India. In 2011, the GDP of Surat was $40 Billions in 2011. The GDP of Surat will be near around $50 billions in 2020..


8. Pune

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Pune is rising as a prominent location for the IT and manufacturing. The GDP of Pune was $48 Billion in 2011. However, it will reach $140 billion in 2025.


7. Ahmedabad

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The GDP of Ahemdabad is expected to be $153 billion now, which was $64 billion in 2011 . This makes the city on the seventh spot in our list.


6. Chennai

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It is one of the biggest cultural, economic and educational centers in South India. Apart from it, Chennai is one of the richest cities in India. The capital of Tamil Nadu had a GDP of $66 billion in 2011.


5. Hyderabad

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Hydrabad is the largest contributor of GDP and tax of Telangana. The estimated GDP of the city was $74 Billion in 2011.


4. Bengaluru

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The GDP of Bengaluru was $83 billion in 2011. Furthermore, the capital of Karnataka is the center of the high tech industries of India. These high tech industries play an important role in the GDP of the city.


3. Kolkata

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The main financial hub of East and North East had the GDP of $150 billion in 2011. This makes it the third richest city in India.


2. Delhi

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Delhi is the richest North Indian city. The GDP of the national capital was $167 Billion in 2011. However, Delhi is one of the fastest developing cities in India. Moreover, the GDP of Delhi is estimated to be 167-370 billion USD. The rank of Delhi among the richest cities of India can be either one or two as the GDP of Delhi is not clearly stated after 2011.


1. Mumbai

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The GDP of Mumbai is estimated to be $368 Billion. The GDP of Mumbai can be less than that of Delhi but it is placed to the top of the list as the GDP of Mumbai was $209 billion in 2011 which was more than the GDP of Delhi at that time.

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