From Rags To Riches, The Story Of The Most Luxurious Brand Gucci


These days, people spend a lot of money on lifestyle or quality of life. Once upon a time, just knowing the names of humongous brands was a luxury. But today, the employment rate hike has given everybody a golden chance to live in luxury. Some brands are so famous that their name defines the product and is just passed along the generations. Gucci, yeah! Everybody must have ended up on this name after reading the last line. Gucci is one of the oldest brands in the fashion world that has maintained and raised its legacy since a poor start. We might think about luxury when we think about Gucci, though it was not always a success story for the fashion tycoon. However, we are already witnessing the greatness of Gucci, so let’s go back to where it all started.


The Inspiration

Gucci Logo

Guccio Gucci paved his way through a humble beginning. He worked as a coolie and liftman in the Savoy hotel situated in London. The luxurious lifestyle of wealthy customers pretty far inspired him to design and the longing made him return to his hometown to work in a fashion company. Gucci learned the leather craft from the same company and launched a fashion brand by his own name in 1921 in Italy.


Celebrities Made Gucci Sensation

Gucci Bag

The newly set Gucci company ran with the same grace after the death of Gucci. It was in 195that the brand blew up with the help of shout-outs as we call them these days. One of the gems of that generation, celebrity Elizabeth Taylor was seen carrying a Gucci bag and wearing horse bit loafers, and its picture went viral thus helping Gucci make a few mils. Yet another such incident occurred when the first lady of America Jacqueline Kennedy was seen carrying a Gucci bamboo ba, influencing many households. The queen of Monaco, Grace Kelly, had a lot of impact on Gucci. Once when she bought a bamboo bag from Gucci In 1966, Rudolpho Gucci gifted her a scarf with a floral print and it got quite popular and blew up with the name ‘Flora.’


War For The Throne

Gucci Showroom

Gucci had just got global, doing ready-to-wear shows and other promotional formalities. By the 1980s, even grandsons of Gucci had started working in the company. And as in all other family businesses, family politics started to intrude and lead to the downfall. In conclusion, Maurizio, the son of Rudolpho, just threw out his nephew and uncle Aldo and named it all after himself. This resulted in the gradual downfall of the fashion tycoon, and it got on the verge of bankruptcy.


Tom Ford The Saviour

Tom Ford Gucci

The entry of Tom Ford into the picture just emitted a ray of hope for Gucci. He started with the ready-to-wear section and later joined in as the creative director of the fashion house in the year 1994. By that time, even Maurizio had sold the remaining shares to Invest corporate and was later murdered after a few months in 1995. Eventually, Gucci was reborn at the hands of Tom Ford. He gave the homosexual perspective to the fashion world. His collections Fall 1995 and Minimalist were the bang-on hits in the 90s.


The Guinness Glow

Gucci Most Expensive Jeans

Gucci even entered the Guinness book of world records to report the most expensive jeans sold for a whopping Rs 2.43 lakh. Hence being the most expensive jeans to ever exist. Later the record was broken when Levi’s surpassed them with their jeans valued at Rs 46 lakh which were bought by a Japanese citizen in the year 2005.


Brand Image


Gucci has always focused more on prestige and exclusivity over making affordable products. Its business strategy doesn’t target everybody but only the upper class in society and lets them maintain their standards with time. So while setting prices for their products, Gucci sets them as per the convenience of the upper class and delivers bang-on quality and luxurious designs.


Forever Exclusive

Gucci Brand

Gucci has multiplied its hype worldwide by letting its customers enjoy the exclusivity, making the brand expensive and hard to get their hands on. This has even caused most people to think and connect them affording Gucci with their leveling up of standards. As said by the wise founder of Louis Vuitton, a brand should be as expensive as its customer can afford it and Gucci has maintained it well all these years.


Public Relations And Advertisement


It must be of no surprise that Gucci has slipped real money into advertising throughout all these years. Their strategy of influencing the world to believe in their supremacy through various celebrities and notable influencers that are refreshed with time and trends. Sources said that a famous competitor of Gucci spent around 6.5 billion dollars on advertising last year. When it comes to advertising and maintaining public relations, Gucci is something more than just money, it interacts and connects its image with the dreams of aspiring millionaires.

Many brands have come and gone since the start of modernization but no brand has made such a crater impact as Gucci. Gucci isn’t just a brand, but a sign of royalty as nothing comes above affording it within your lifestyle. Its future plans seem to make it sail for yet another eternity as recently it has collaborated with youth pop sensations namely Harry Styles and Billie Eilish. We wouldn’t have witnessed this greatness without the vision of a liftman who was inspired by the fashion of tourists, the sensational Guccio Gucci.

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