6 Most Important Online Casino Technological Advancements

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The online casino industry is quickly developing. Read this article to learn about the most important technologies it uses!

Online gambling has been around for nearly three decades. During that period, this industry has considerably evolved. In this article, we’ll list the most important technological advancements that have shaped the sphere of online gambling. So next time you’ll be about to sign up for a $1 deposit casino check whether it ticks all these boxes!


Live Dealers

Online Casino

The first generation of online casinos lacked live dealers. Instead, customers could choose between slots, table games, and video poker. Live dealer games became available thanks to the faster and more stable Internet connection. First, they were compatible only with the desktop format. Today, people can freely play live dealer games from their tablets and smartphones.

Game developers rent or buy brick-and-mortar premises in countries whose legislations have nothing against this type of entertainment. They hire charming young dealers and train them. Many dealers broadcast live from the same studio, but there is not a single customer there. Instead, gamblers place bets remotely, from their homes, offices, or elsewhere.

Live dealer games are popular because they make players feel they’re not alone. You can send a message in the chat, and the dealer will reply to you. In addition, some games allow gamblers to interact with each other. And, of course, you’ll appreciate aesthetically appealing visuals.



This technology needs to develop and improve. Modern chatbots can’t fully substitute human professionals. The simplest bots offer customers sets of the most popular questions. When you click a question, you’ll see a predefined answer to it. Using such a bot resembles checking the FAQ page of the casino.

More advanced bots are AI-powered. They can learn from their previous experiences. You can formulate questions for them as if you were talking to a human being. In some situations, such bots can be very helpful. In others, they might fail to understand what you mean and provide irrelevant information.

Realizing that this technology is still imperfect, top casinos allow their clients to talk to human support professionals. But who knows how advanced bots will become in a decade?


SSL Certificates

SSL Site Safety

This solution enables online casinos to encrypt their customers’ data. To be allowed to start playing, you might be required to provide just the minimum amount of personal information. But to request a cash withdrawal, it’s essential to fully fill in your profile and verify your identity with copies of your private documents. For security reasons, many gambling platforms allow their clients to submit the necessary papers (passport, ID, driving license, household bills, bank statements, and so on) through their profiles without using email or messengers. When the casino receives the documents, it encrypts them with the help of SSL certificates.

Gambling platforms invest a lot of time and effort into their security systems. As a result, it’s highly unlikely that one day, hackers will get hold of your confidential details. But if they will, they won’t be able to decrypt and use them.


Crypto Payments

Cryptocurrency Bitcoin, Ripple

More and more online casinos accept crypto. Some platforms are focused exclusively on Bitcoin. Others allow their clients to deposit and withdraw cash with Ethereum, Bitcoin Gold, Dogecoin, Tether, and other cryptocurrencies.

Compared to fiat currencies, crypto has the following advantages:

  • Enhanced anonymity
  • Faster speed of processing transactions
  • Lower fees
  • More flexible deposit and withdrawal limits
  • Opportunity to separate your gambling expenses from your everyday budget

The primary challenge related to crypto is that you normally can’t buy it right in the casino and need to visit a cryptocurrency exchange.


Mobile Apps And Mobile-Optimized Websites

Online Casinos

Today, nearly any online casino has either a mobile app or a mobile-optimized website (some platforms have both). Mobile versions are compatible with most smartphones and tablets regardless of their brands and operating systems. You can gamble 24/7 from any location, and your mobile communication expenses won’t increase too dramatically.

Compared to mobile websites, apps are reported to be slightly less sensitive to the quality of your Internet connection. But it takes some effort to install them. First, you need to ensure enough free space in your device’s memory. Then, you might need to update your operating system. Plus, you’ll have to update the app from time to time.

If you prefer to gamble from a mobile casino website, you won’t need to download any software on your device. Just log in with the same user data on the desktop and start placing bets!


Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality

Very few casinos offer VR and AR-powered entertainment today. But in the future, the popularity of this technology is likely to skyrocket. You put on a VR helmet and completely disconnect from the surrounding world. You find yourself in a posh casino with so many beautiful people around you! VR and AR enable you to watch and hear unprecedented special effects. Your gambling sessions will turn into exciting trips into a virtual universe.

It’s hard to say how long it will take this technology to become commonplace. But the demand for it will be very high for sure!


Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you found this article informative, and now you better understand which technological advancements have had the biggest impact on the online gambling sphere. Online casinos feature live dealer’s games, chatbots, and crypto payments. They build mobile apps and/or mobile-optimized websites. They use SSL certificates and might be ready to introduce AR and VR solutions in the nearest future. Technological advancements make online gambling safer and much more exciting!

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