Controversial Life Of Lalit Modi: Falling In Love With Mother’s Friend, IPL Fixing, And More

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The rumor that actress Sushmita Sen is dating Lalit Modi has generated a lot of excitement online. On Thursday, Modi revealed on social media that he is dating Sushmita Sen. In a series of photos he shared, he called the former beauty queen his “better half.”

By the beginning of the 21st century, cricket was already a multi-million dollar sport. The next step was to get into the billion-dollar club. However, the journey from 1 million to 1 billion was difficult. It felt like it would take a long time for cricket to reach there. Then there was the entry of Lalit Modi. He went to the extreme extent of being successful. He transformed cricket into a multi-billion dollar industry within a year. However, his life has more controversies than just IPL. Here are six of Lalit Modi’s most notable misdeeds and his controversial life.


1. IPL Fixing

Lalit Modi IPL

There were reports of rigging in the IPL. There were allegations of fixing. Lalit Modi was the first accused. BCCI launched an investigation against him and banned him. In 2013, a committee found him guilty of these charges. He broke all limits to achieve success. However, not that he started breaking limits after being a part of the BCCI.


2. Accused Of Drug Trafficking In The USA

Lalit Modi Luxury Cars

The industrialist, Krishna Kumar Modi’s son, is Lalit Modi. Gujarmal Modi, Lalit’s grandfather, founded the Modi Group. Money was plenty, but Krishna Kumar wished for his son to use it with respect. He had enrolled Lalit Modi at a Shimla residential school. Lalit was keen about going to America but was hardly obeyed by his father. When Lalit immigrated to the US, his demand became even greater. He asked his father to buy him a new car. His father gave him $5,000 and suggested he purchase a cheap car.

Lalit Modi did not purchase a cheap car. Instead, he chose Mercedes for installation. He made a down payment of $5,000. On July 1, Lalit became the first family member to purchase a car on installment. He was also accused of assault, kidnapping, and drug trafficking. There was also media speculation that Lalit had escaped because of family pressure.


3. Fell In Love With Mother’s Friend

Lalit Modi Minal Sagrani

After leaving the US, Lalit Modi met Minal Sagrani. She was a friend of his mother. He was roughly ten years younger than Minal. She was the ex-wife of a Nigerian-based Sindhi industrialist. Lalit expressed his intention to marry Minal, but the family objected.

Nevertheless, he married her. Family obligations took him away from business for a while after marriage. He used to receive a monthly allowance from his father for his stay in Mumbai.

Lalit eventually went back to work. He was the executive director of Godfrey Phillips. It is an American cigarette manufacturing company. Godfrey Phillips was India’s second-largest cigarette producer. Later, Modi bought the house of Minal’s father and gifted her. Although this incident may seem motivational, the house burned down in 2019. The residence was intentionally set on fire to get significant insurance.


4. Lalit Modi Changed The Name For Entry In Cricket

Lalit Modi IPL Fixing

Lalit Modi founded Modi Entertainment Network in 1993. Walt Disney Pictures and Fashion TV have a 10-year deal the company has signed. The company previously distributed its channel in India. He also had the opportunity to distribute ESPN. It was a channel owned by Walt Disney during that time. Many of the Indian cricket team’s matches were broadcast live on ESPN.

Here, Modi understood the significance of cricket. He concluded that the cricket market was much larger. He then believed that playing cricket could earn him billions. Only then did he get the concept of the IPL. Modi himself joined the cricket board to advance this concept. He started by approaching the Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association. Given the lack of conversation, he decided to join the Rajasthan Cricket Association.

Lalit Modi Vasundhara Raje

He stood for the District Cricket Association seat from Nagaur. As he was already connected to Himachal, they did not permit him to stand for election in another state. So he used Lalit Kumar instead of Lalit Kumar Modi when writing his name for this. The Rajasthan Cricket Association then elected him as its president. At the time, Vasundhara Raje was in power. In Rajasthan, a new law was implemented before the elections. As a result, it disqualified 66 district cricket officials who cast their votes. There were 32 votes total. Modi won and became the president.

Lalit Modi approached Jagmohan Dalmiya with the idea of the IPL but was rejected. He then went to Sharad Pawar, a rival of Dalmiya. His theory won Sharad Pawar over. After defeating Dalmiya, they elected Pawar president of the BCCI. They then gave Lalit Modi the task of launching the IPL.


5. Used A Private Jet As A Taxi

Lalit Modi Private Jet

He kept a private jet after assuming control of the IPL so he could travel the nation and the globe. This eight-seater Challenger 300 was a high-end aircraft. It cost about Rs 3 lakh to rent this jet for an hour. Modi reportedly always had access to it for himself. He used to travel to four or five different corner towns each day. People at the airport enquired whether it was a jet or a taxi. Famous industrialists also take considerable care while using jets. This opulent aircraft served as Modi’s taxi.


6. His Assistant Was Vijay Mallya’s Daughter

Lalit Modi Vijay Mallya

The name of a woman named Laila also surfaced as a part of Lalit Modi’s IPL fraud. The woman identified as Vijay Mallya‘s stepdaughter. She worked as Modi’s assistant.

He is leading a lavish lifestyle in London. After the BCCI’s 2013 suspension, he flew there. The wanted fugitive encounters a set of legal issues in Indian courts.

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