Alarming Figures: More Than 400 Indian Students Died Overseas Since 2018; Country-Wise Stats

Indian students Die Canada

In the quest for global education, a distressing truth surfaces: 403 Indian students have lost their lives abroad since 2018. This stark reality intensifies scrutiny of safety and security measures for students pursuing education beyond borders.


Shreyas Reddy Benigeri’s Recent Tragedy

The recent death of Shreyas Reddy Benigeri in Ohio highlights the urgent need for improved safety for Indian students abroad. His untimely demise sparked a close examination of safety protocols, especially in the United States. This prompts concerns about the welfare of Indian students studying overseas. It underscores the need for a secure environment in foreign educational institutions.


Country-Wise Breakdown

Indian Students Death Overseas Data

A comprehensive breakdown reveals Canada at the forefront with 91 reported cases, raising questions about safety protocols. The UK follows with 48 incidents, highlighting global safety challenges faced by students. As families send their children to pursue education globally, host countries and institutions must ensure a secure environment that nurtures academic growth while prioritizing the safety and well-being of every student.


Prioritizing Student Welfare

Indian Students Death Overseas Data Top Countries

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar acknowledges the gravity of the situation, emphasizing the government’s commitment to Indian students’ safety abroad. Swift responses from Indian missions and posts aim to address concerns promptly. The government’s commitment to prioritizing student welfare is reflected in its proactive measures to assist Indian students facing challenges abroad. It emphasizes the importance of creating a supportive ecosystem for students pursuing education on foreign soil.


Recent Tragedies Echo Wider Safety Concerns

The tragic deaths of Neel Acharya, Vivek Saini, and Akul B Dhawan further underscore the vulnerability of Indian students abroad. Ongoing incidents demand collaborative efforts to fortify safety measures and ensure a secure academic journey for every student. The global Indian diaspora, educational institutions, and the government must work in tandem to create an environment that safeguards the dreams and aspirations of students, acknowledging the integral role of international students in the cultural and academic fabric of host countries.

As the world mourns these untimely losses, the focus intensifies on fostering international collaborations, enhancing safety infrastructure, and prioritizing the well-being of Indian students pursuing their educational dreams beyond borders. The collective responsibility lies in mourning the lost lives and actively working towards a safer and more supportive environment for students pursuing global education.

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