Here’s Your Bucket List Of Things You Should Do In Canada During Winters

Bucket List Of Places To Visit In Canadavia

Winter season is a gift of God bestowed on humans mainly for enjoyment and relaxing. Speaking of winter, Canada is nothing but a winter wonderland. Grab your sweaters and mufflers because we have listed down a few things you would love doing in Canada!


1. Peak To Peak Exploration Of The Mountains

Mountain Trekking Trip In Canada

Gondolas – Also known as cable cars commonly are a great way to explore the mountains. The cars offer maximum visibility because they have glass windows and they are very transparent enabling you to see everything going below you. Do not forget the famous pudge-pie as well available in the farmer’s market. Do heat things up with a hot chocolate too!


2. Glamping – A Fusion Of Adventure And Luxury

Glamping in canada

Love Adventure while your companion prefers Luxury? Well, Canada offers both in one place. Canadian glamping gives you an adventurous and luxurious vacation! You can rent luxurious tree houses, posh or go to outdoor camps as well. Thus, offering you multiple options, this is a must do!


3. West Edmonton Mall

West Edmonton Mall Canada

You will not believe me but this mall is the size of a small city! It has the world’s largest amusement park, largest indoor wave pool, a skating rink, tallest indoor bungee tower and a zoo. It also has 800 stores – Shopaholics, you might want to take a note. A mall of this much scale in size cannot be covered in one day so you can choose to stay over as well. It has Hollywood-themed staying room or even Truck and Train themed rooms as well. Endless are the possibilities!


4. The Northern Lights

Northern Lights canada

This one is pretty well known and they draw tourists from all around the world to the winter wonderland. It’s a natural show of lights – the sky gets ablaze with shades of green, red, yellow and purple. Commonly shown in many Walt Disney movies, it surely is one of a natural beauty and phenomenon everyone should check out!


5. CN Tower

CN Tower Canada

You can go up 1136 feet up in the air on a glass bottom elevator! I’m not kidding but this surely will give you an adrenaline rush also a great picture to show off to your friends and family.

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