Here’s Your Bucket List Of Things You Should Do In Canada During Winters

Bucket List Of Places To Visit In Canadavia

6. The Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

Capilano Suspension Bridge Park Canada

Attention all nature lovers – this bridge is suspended 30 storeys above the ground. It offers one kind of a scenic view of one of the world’s last remaining coastal temperate rainforests. An unforgettable experience is assured.


7. Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls Canada Side

The most popular destination for anyone visiting Canada – The Niagara falls has about six million cubic feet of water rushing from its edge every minute. In Winters, it is very spectacular and offers a scenic view of the frozen Niagara Falls which you would not want to miss.


8. A Dip In The Hot Springs

Hot Springs Canada

When you find the climate is cold, a hot water shower feels so relaxing and good right. Well then, imagine taking a dip in the hot springs surrounded by snow-capped peaks? Overwhelming right? Well, you can do it in the Canadian Rocky Mountains which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site which is open all year. This dip should give you a refreshing start and take away the pain of your tired muscles!


9. Ski Resorts

Canada Ski Resorts

Blackcomb/Whistler Ski Resort, Banff & Lake Louise Ski resort and Mont-Tremblant are the most famous ski resorts in Canada and there are even more. These resorts have excellent standard and have long runs, spectacular scenery, a vast range of activities, sharp drop-offs, heli-skiing and glacier skiing.


10. Rideau Canal

Rideau Canal Canada

Every winter, Ottawa’s Rideau Canal becomes a 7.8km skating rink which is the world’s largest. Locals and visitors use this as a means of transportation and a form of recreation as well. The skating ring generally opens in Jan/Feb because that’s when the canal is sufficiently frozen making it safe for the skaters. Boots and skating equipment are available there!

Amazing right? What else are you waiting for? Create a check-list and pack your bags because we are going exploring Canada at its best! Interested in learning more about Canada? Read this article which gives you insight into the best cities to live in Canada!

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