These Are The Best And Most Beautiful Cities To Live In Canada

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Canada is a gorgeous country with a very rich and diverse culture. As per a survey, when people were asked which country they’d choose to live in, a good percentage opted for Canada; but which is the best place to live in? A city is chosen as the best, taking in consideration a lot of factors. Here is the list of places you should live in to have the best experience of Canada.


1. Ottawa – Capital Of Canada


Ottawa is a very powerful city, naturally why it’s the capital of the country. It’s home to most of the renowned tech giants which provide a lot of employment, besides enumerable government jobs. The economic diversity is enviable. It’s a safe and affordable city with spectacular architecture and layout. One must stay here to live a posh and healthy lifestyle.


2. Toronto


If you’d like to experience the taste of vivid culture and festival, Toronto is the city to choose. Is home to almost 50% of immigrants. Its been listed under the ‘World’s most economically powerful cities’. Toronto’s cost of living, quality of life, booming economy and future prosperity attracts a lot of investment project; making it Canada’s financial capital.


3. Burlington Ontario


Burlington has amazing urban housing, great schools, dining, shopping, recreational facilities, parks, gardens, festivals and nightlife all within the city. It has a great home environment, strategically situated near powerful cities like Toronto; one can stay in the serene housing colonies and get to spend their leisure time doing activities like hiking and strolling in the places within.


4. Montreal


Its Canada’s commercial and cultural capital and also one of the best cities for students due to the presence of enumerable remarkable universities there. Majority of the crowd here is French-speaking. It has been listed under the happiest places in the world list; having a welcoming, clean, refreshing and multicultural persona.


5. St Albert

St Albert

This city embraces families and supports an amazing lifestyle where everybody can flourish. It’s the safest urban center and has been listed under the healthiest neighborhood. Living in this city, one can have a sorted and healthy lifestyle.

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