These Are The Best And Most Beautiful Cities To Live In Canada

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6. North Saanich

North Saanich

It’s a great city to live in with high prosperity, low crime, healthcare facilities, a strong sports, and arts community and urban culture. It has a wonderful and naturally healthy environment. It attracts a lot of young families due to the great locality and a weather that draws everyone outdoors.


7. Oak Bay

Oak Bay

This small city gets bonus points for its charm, friendliness, and scenery. Its plausible in aspects of a robust economy, affordable homes, low taxes, healthcare facilities, low crime, conducive weather, high wealth and prosperity. It has one the best schools in the country and the connectivity is phenomenal. It has the world-renown golf courses: Victoria Golf Club and breath-taking sceneries.


8. Saint-Augustin-De-Desmaures


If you want to experience the best quality of life, this city is the place for you. The striking features include elaborate economy, low unemployment, low taxes, home affordability, low crime rate, great culture, transit friendliness and the way it confirms its leadership on basis of the quality of life it offers to its citizens.


9. Calgary


With plenty of skyscrapers, Calgary has rapid growth thanks to its oil industry. But rather than it’s growth, it is a hub of entertainment and always bustling with activities. With a lot of Western influence, through its farm exhibitions, Calgary hosts it’s own famous Rodeo festival in July, attracting massive audiences and people ready to have fun!


10. Vancouver


If you are artistic and want to indulge yourself in rich Canadian history and culture then Vancouver is for you! Not only is it a popular filming location, the city is one of the most ethnically diverse and densest cities as well. Its Museum and Art Gallery all provide a haven for everyone’s inner artist to live quaint life.

In conclusion, Canada is a fantastic country and all its cities are inviting and have all the facilities to make it our home. The country as a whole is one of the best places to live in. Well, this is only for Canada. Have you ever thought that the neighborhood you live in is kinda weird? Well, you have no idea. Check out the list of most weird towns to live in.  You are in for a shock!

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