These Are The Best And Cheapest Cities To Live After Retirement In India

Cheapest Cities To Live After Retirement In India

Pros of retiring are plenty. It all includes health benefits, opportunities to travel, or starting a new career or business venture, among others. However, the most enjoyable one is having a place in one of the most beautiful and cheapest cities. A city where there is peace and serenity. Furthermore, it is true to say that retirement significantly improves personal happiness, and its impact is significant and robust. So why not seek that personal happiness in one of the cheapest cities in India? Here is a curated list of the top such cities to live in after retirement in India. Read on to select one for yourself.


1. Chandigarh

Chandigarh Rock Garden

Chandigarh, which is also a Union territory, is one of the most beautiful cities in India. Furthermore, the most remarkable feature of this city is its well-planned structure. In addition, the food is beyond amazing. It comes under one of the cheapest cities in India and is best suited to settle in retirement.


2. Pune

Pune Traffic

While many think that Maharashtrian cities are pretty expensive to live in, it is not the case with Pune. Pune is one of the cheapest cities in Maharashtra. Plus, the most fantastic thing about this place is its weather and scenic beauty. Furthermore, Pune has retained its greenery in the most beautiful manner. Therefore, this could be another perfect city to settle in after your retirement.


3. Nagpur


Nagpur is another cheapest city situated in Maharashtra. It is indeed a fast-growing city but nonetheless affordable to live in. If you are fond of pilgrimage sites and tourist spots, then this city can be your best bet.


4. Mysuru

Mysore Cleanest Cities 2022

Mysuru is another gorgeous city to live in. With blooming gardens and impeccable weather Mysuru is another excellent choice to retire in. Furthermore, it has one of the most beautiful palaces, which you can make often visit as well.


5. Dehradun


If you are a mountain person, then why not settle down in Dehradun after retirement right? Furthermore, Dehradun has one of the most luxurious houses at prices not so expensive.


6. Coimbatore


The next city to feature on our list is none other than Coimbatore. Coimbatore is the second largest as well as the most well-connected city in Tamil Nadu. Furthermore, its weather is something that anyone can easily fall in love with.


7. Bhubaneshwar


Southern cities are making it to this list mostly because of their to-die-for weather, and Bhubaneshwar is no exception. Furthermore, this city has the lowest electricity rates in the country.


8. Jaipur


Jaipur is another very lively city to settle in. The pink city is full of tourist spots and mouthwatering food. Make sure to add it to your list as well.


9. Ahmedabad


The best place about Ahmedabad is its gorgeous retirement homes as well as its food. The weather of this place is also beautiful, and thus it is another perfect cheapest city to settle in.

Which among the aforementioned cheapest city is currently topping your list? Do tell us via the comments. 

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