These Are The Interesting Facts About Pune That Will Amaze You

Interesting Facts About Punevia

There are more than 4000 cities in India. Every city has its own beauty. One of the best cities that everyone prefers to live in is, Pune, situated in Maharashtra. Pune is also called as Queen Of Deccan and Oxford Of The East. The best thing everyone loves about this city is its weather. Pune has amazing weather all throughout the year. Let us check out the interesting facts about Pune.


1. Pune Name Derived From Punya


The name of the Pune is derived from the name Punya. The meaning of Punya is the conflux of two rivers Mula and Mutha. In the old records, it was also called Punaka Desha and later it has been Punekavadi, Punevadi, and Kasaba Pune. As per the history researcher Mandar Lavate, Pune got its name from the temple Punyeshwar, Shiva temple situated nearby. Previously it was called Poona and it has been changed to Pune in 1978.


2. Headquarters Of The Maratha Empire


Pune is the headquarters of Maratha empires. After Peshwas rose to power, they have shifted their base from Saswad to Pune and making it their headquarters.


3. Yerwada Prison Is In Pune


Yerwada Jail is one of the biggest jails in India. Several government opponents of Indira Gandhi were kept here during the emergency era. This place has housed many national freedom fighters including Mahatama Gandhi.


4. Reading Cafe

Pune Facts

There are many libraries and reading cafes in Pune. The best thing about them is you can spend your entire day there. The cafe has a pleasant ambiance and they also serve food there.

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