These Are The Interesting Facts About Pune That Will Amaze You

Interesting Facts About Punevia

16. Liberated Culture

Pune Facts

The culture in Pune is liberated. People do not interfere in other’s lives and all are busy in their own life. You can even plan dinner alone and nobody judges you.


17. Film And Television Institute

Pune Facts

Pune is the home to the Film and Television Institute of India. Many legendary actors and directors have completed their graduation from this institute. The first copies of all the Hindi cinemas from the origin of the Indian film industry are in the film archives.


18. Start Of Badminton


The game Badminton was born in Poona by several British officers who were posted here according to history. The fame for this game Badminton has grown from this city itself and is now one of the most loveable sports in India.

There are the most amazing facts about this city Pune. Anyone who visits this city falls in love with it because of the many beautiful qualities the city has.

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Praneet Samaiya
the authorPraneet Samaiya