Artist Highlights Bengaluru’s Pothole Problem In A Unique Way

Pothole ProblemPothole Problem

To put forth problems before authority, most of the people chose the way of protesting by raising slogans, performing hartals, throwing stones etc.  But what this artist did, to highlight common problems is really amazing as well as inspiring. 

In just a week, a total of four lives have been claimed by the deadly potholes in Bengaluru. Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah instructed BBMP to start the repair work of potholes ‘immediately’ and make the city roads pothole free within a fortnight.

In a unique protest against pothole deaths, an artist turns a pothole into a mermaid’s living space in Cubbon Park Junction area.  He turned the pothole into a mermaid’s living space.  In the picture, you can see Kannada actress Sonu Gowda as a Mermaid.


Scary Potholes




And this is not the first time; artist came up with such creative and unique way of protesting to draw government’s attention.  Here are some of his previous unique art protests against potholes.

An Artist With A Mission

1. Life-sized crocodile in a 12-ft pothole Sultanpalya Main Road

This pothole art brought Nanjundaswamy much fame. This reptile was created using fibre and laid in a pool of green. This art became a talking point till authorities rushed in to repair the road.  Later BBMP fixed this pothole.


2. A dengue mosquito around a pothole

After learning that the civic authorities were sitting on it, he decided to take things in his hand.  And the result was a big mosquito on the road.


3. Peacock Cries

Isn’t this nice?


4. Butterfly net



5.  And one more..

6.  Speaks a lot


A woman riding pillion on a two-wheeler was killed when she tried to avoid a pothole near Devanahalli due to heavy traffic.  Three days ago, another woman was run over by a truck when her motorcycle skidded near Nayandahalli and an elderly couple lost their lives when a bus ran over them at Mysuru road flyover as they were trying to avoid a pothole.

Artist Nanjundaswamy feels responsibility towards society and highlights such issues in a very unique way through his excellent artistic skills.

Isn’t this great way of highlighting issues to government?  If political leaders’ followers use this kind of ways instead of hartals, throwing stones then it would be much better. 

If atleast youth don’t join with them and encourage such violent acts then they are indirectly doing good to society.  Even police cops are also so creative while campaigning about road safety. Read here.

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