You Are Banned From These 10 Places!!!


Can you believe that there are places on the earth where you are not allowed to visit? And yes, some are… scary to hear even!!

1. North Sentinel Island




It is part of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands in the Bay of Bengal Ocean which is home to one such tribe who doesn’t allow anyone to enter their island. Yes, you can visit this place but you won’t return alive. If anyone does fishing in the range of island, they will also be killed. Sentinelese islanders kill anybody who ever comes even near to the island. Sentinelese had survived the 2004 tsunami too, when a helicopter flew low over the island to offer help, a Sentinelese man rushed out on to the beach, aiming his arrow at the pilot in a gesture that clearly said, ‘We don’t want you here’.

So, never even think of entering on this island.


2. Vatican Secret Archives



Nobody can enter the archive housing confidential documents of the Catholic Church except the Pope and a few extremely learned scholars. Some believe it houses evidence of extraterrestrial life.


3. Snake Island





It is located some 20 miles off the shore of the busy Sao Paolo in Brazil; this island is home to the most deadliest snake in the world, the Golden Lancehead Viper. The place is also known as Ilha da Queimada Grande or Snake Island where you can find 4000 of the wholly golden lancehead viper. Reports indicate that you can find one snake for every six square yards. There are not only ground-level prey animals but also the snakes with more toxic, fast-acting venom are able to grab migratory birds and make a quick kill.

Scary isn’t it?


4. Area 51



Well, so many movies have been made on this US secret facility. Absolutely nobody is allowed to enter this facility in Southern Nevada where the US claims to be experimenting with new aircraft and weaponry. Of course, the popular opinion is that aliens and UFOs are tested here.


5. Mezhgorye



Located in Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia there are many theories which says that people here are working on a nuclear program to safeguard Russian treasures.

The town is forbidden!!


6. Woomera



It is an Australian military testing range that is spread over 124,000 square kilometers. No one is allowed to visit this place. It is said to have a high concentration of gold, iron ore and opals in its soil. There are facts saying a huge amount of unlaunched war material lying there that this place is practically a minefield.


7. Jiangsu National Security Education Museum




The museum is full of all spying materials. There are lipsticks with guns, hollowed-out coins used to conceal documents and maps hidden as a deck of cards. Only Chinese nationals are allowed to enter. Chinese government doesn’t allow any others to visit this spy museum.



8. Fort Knox



What do you do if you see huge reserve of gold? United States government kept in a secure location in Kentucky. Fort Knox is a U.S. Army post that sits on 109,000 acres in northern Kentucky. You can’t enter either legally or illegally as its gold vault is surrounded by thick granite walls that are topped by a bombproof roof, surrounded by fences, protected by multiple alarms, and guarded by Apache helicopter gunships.

Reminding any Hollywood or Bollywood movie? So exactly how much gold sits inside? A lot! Uncountable!!

9. Tomb of Qin Shi Huang



The tomb of the first emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang, is said to be buried deep under a hill in Central China along with anything he would ever need in his life. Weird isn’t it?

You know what it includes? An army of terracotta soldiers too. Many of these soldiers and statues have been excavated but it is believed that a lot many are still underground and will never be pulled out.

No one entered this place and the tomb till now.


10. Lascaux Caves



Located in North Western France, since 2008, the French government has prohibited any visitors to enter this mystical place. It contains some of the best-known Upper Palaeolithic art which are estimated to be around 17,300 years old.

Weird, isn’t it?

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