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Well, some people think getting master’s degree is the greatest achievement and it is enough; some opt for double masters and some think up to PhD. Once degree is over, most of the people will be in race to earn more money and gain experience to increase salary wages.

But there is a person, who did not stop with just one master degree.

He has over 145 educational degrees.

Shocked right??

Professor VN Parthiban is damn serious about education that he has 12 M.Phil degrees, 9 MBA degrees, 8 ML degrees, 10 MA degrees, 8 M.Com degrees, and 3 M.Sc degrees, among others.


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The 55-year-old Chennai resident has acquired these degrees over three and a half decades of hard work and commitment.

He has degrees in various fields and teaches over a 100 subjects in different colleges in Chennai.

Professor Parthiban told The Sunday Indian,


“I am from a very ordinary family in north Madras. I struggled hard to finish my first college degree and got a job in the Judiciary department. Then I started to apply wherever they did not require a transfer certificate for registration, so that I could study different courses at the same time. In the last thirty years, I have been continuously in the process of preparing for exams and applying for new degrees or diploma courses. All my Sundays, I have some exam or research paper to write.”


You may wonder how could he remember everything and pass this many degrees?


He said, "I really enjoy studying. It's not difficult at all. I have been continuously in the process of preparing for exams and applying for new degrees or diploma courses."


You may think that he has super memory power, but this is not true.

He has difficulty in remembering people's faces. And, that sometimes he even forgets the routes that he takes on a daily basis.

Parthiban further admits that he finds mathematics difficult.

 “I failed in Actuarial Sciences. The course required a lot of mathematics, and I didn’t put in enough effort,” he said.


"I do not burden my mind with anything that is less important. I keep my mind calm," he said.


Parthiban’s wife is a bank employee who has nine academic degrees herself. Their son and daughter have studied engineering and acquired MBA degrees.

Even now, there is no full stop for studies.

"I am planning to join more courses," Parthiban said.




Really an inspiration to everyone and especially for those who feel education as burden and study just for the sake of it.

Hats off to you sir!!

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