Meet Red And White Family,Who Spend Their Entire Life In Two Colors

Red And White FamilyRed And White Family

Every person is obsessed with something. Be it colour, foods, clothes, slippers, mobile phones and many more, but this Bangalore man’s obsession is crazy. For him life is filled with only two colors. Those are red and white only. He changed his entire world to red and white.


Red And White Family

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Right from his house door to the toilet, all gadgets and home appliances are a combination of red and white colors. Even his wife and children have not been given the option of choosing any other color.

Red and white family


Freaky right?

“Eighteen years ago, when I got married, it was something new for me. Later on, I understood the craze of my husband and stood by him. Whenever I am with him, I wear red and white colour combinations.”, Says his wife Pushpa:

Sevenraj is named very peculiarly. He was named as number seven as he was the seventh child in his family. He knows 7 languages. Even his telephone and car numbers will end in 7 or 77 or 7777.

How It All Started?

It began as a simple marketing gimmick for his real estate business and soon became a part of his identity. What was started as a gimmick to attract people to his business has taken over his life.

Now, everything in Sevenraj’s life is red and white including his family.

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The obsession has become so extreme that even toothpaste is only bought in red or white tubes. He and his wife, daughter and son eat from red and white plates, knives and forks – while sitting on red and white seats.

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Far from being embarrassed by it, he enjoys the attention and his dream is to become recognizable

He dresses entirely in the colours including his socks. His suit, furniture, mobile, handkerchief, office and stationery are all red and white.


He said: ‘Mahatma Gandhi is recognized by his glasses and bare torso with a white towel, so I had to do something similar to be recognized by one and all.’

Very Unique. Isn’t it?

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