Is Virat Kohli Better Than Sachin Tendulkar ? What Facts Has To Say

Sachin Tendulkar


You cannot give a correct answer in 2016.

Sachin’s career is over. We have the stats. He can’t improve them anymore.


Kohli has just taken off. We have to watch him for the next 10 years to conclude if his present brilliant performance is just a flash in the pan or he will end up among the Gods of cricket like Sachin.


Virat Stats before 4th Test vs England 2016


Sachin Tendulkar


Sachin Tendulkar Stat's


Sachin Tendulkar

There were similar questions raised in the nineties whether Sachin Tendulkar was better than Sunil Gavaskar


Sachin TendulkarRef:

And also if Sachin was greater than Bradman.

Sachin TendulkarRef:

These players belonged to different eras. Comparisons are impossible. Bradman and Gavaskar played during the times when helmets were not worn by batsman facing some of the world’s most awesome fast bowlers. They never got so many matches to play which Sachin got and now Virat is getting. Bradman played in an era where the Umpire was God. There were no TV replays to help taking decisions.

So it is really pointless comparing them. Statistics can be used only for comparing batsman playing in the same era, and not when their playing years are separated by several decades.  Check Virat Kohli's 10 most amazing innings here.

Sachin was great.

Kohli is now becoming great.

Virat is a star, Sachin is an emotion!

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