Asiana Airlines Passenger Opens Emergency Door Mid-Air; Few Passengers Were Hospitalized

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A passenger on a domestic flight in South Korea took the unusual action of activating the emergency exit as the plane was just minutes away from landing. Asiana Airlines operated the flight, which carried a total of 200 people, including 194 passengers. This occurrence has sparked concern and prompted inquiries into the circumstances behind this heinous crime.


Details Of The Incident

Asiana Airlines South Korea

Fortunately, all 194 people on board the flight survived as the plane safely landed at Daegu International Airport, despite the emergency exit door staying open during the landing. Several passengers, however, encountered unpleasant health issues, with some fainting and others having difficulty breathing. According to local media, they were brought to a hospital for medical assistance.

A man claimed to have felt suffocated and wished to get off the plane immediately. The incident prompted concerns about the conditions that led to his conduct and the potential impact on the safety and well-being of other passengers.


Why The Man Opened The Door?

Passenger Opened Emergency Gate Asiana Airlines

A local police officer stated, “He is mentally struggling right now and losing his footing. We could not investigate him properly due to his state.” 

Eyewitnesses described the horrifying events that occurred during the trip, claiming that the flight attendants could not stop the man’s acts due to the plane’s near landing. Surprisingly, after opening the emergency exit, the man attempted to jump out of the plane, heightening the gravity of the situation.

Passengers on the flight of Asiana Airlines have given horrifying stories of the terror and mayhem that followed these terrifying episodes. As passengers faced the shocking turn of events and the possible risks involved with the unauthorized opening of the emergency exit, the atmosphere within the plane became one of fear and despair.

A fellow 44-year passenger said, “It was chaos with people close to the door appearing to faint one by one and flight attendants calling out for doctors on board through broadcasting.”

To conclude, during a flight, it is critical to follow the instructions of the airline and flight crew at all times.

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