Assam’s First Vande Bharat Schedule, Timing, And Ticket Price, Route Connects Assam And Jalpaiguri

Assam Vande Bharat Expressvia

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated Assam’s first Vande Bharat Express in a virtual ceremony on Monday, May 29, 2023, marking a significant milestone in the region’s transport network. The launch of Vande Bharat service in the Northeast region not only represents a remarkable achievement but also marks a new era of sophisticated connection and progress for the state of Assam and its surrounding areas.


Assam’s First Vande Bharat Train

Vande Bharat Of Odisha

The Vande Bharat Express is a luxurious, semi-high-speed train with an exceptional aesthetic design and a wide range of services.


It connects the beautiful city of Guwahati in Assam with the New Jalpaiguri in West Bengal, representing a significant step forward in regional railway connection. It will stop at six stations, New Alipurduar, Kokrajhar, New Bongaigaon, and Kamakhya, including New Jalpaiguri and Guwahati junctions.

Moreover, the service is set to transform travel between Guwahati and New Jalpaiguri. This extraordinary train will cover 411 km in under 5 hours and 30 minutes. This is much less than the existing shortest travel time offered by any other railway on this route.


Vande Bharat Express has a sophisticated Centralized Coach Monitoring and Control System. The train comprises eight coach Chair Cars – each coach with a stainless steel car shell that maximizes onboard space and ensures maximum utilization. The train has a remarkable seating capacity of 530 passengers in total.

The Executive Chair Cars on the Vande Bharat Express provide a unique experience, accommodating 52 guests in each vehicle. Furthermore, the standard Chair Cars provide excellent seating for 78 passengers in each coach, while the driving trailer coaches hold 44 passengers each, rounding out the train’s comprehensive seating configurations.

Maximum Speed

The train’s bogies are outfitted with fully suspended traction motors, allowing it a smooth ride even at its top speed of 160 kmph. Moreover, the train includes a driver-guard communication system with speech-recording capabilities. Therefore, this improves communication and safety on board.


On What Days Will It Operate?

Odisha Vande Bharat

The Vande Bharat Express train service will run six days a week. However, on Tuesdays, it will not be operational.

Furthermore, the Vande Bharat Express has more vital floodproofing systems for its under-slung electrical equipment. This allows it to survive floods of up to 650 mm in height. These design factors assure the train’s operational dependability even in inclement weather.

The Vande Bharat Express achieves a shorter turnaround time than other trains due to its energy-efficient features and optimized design, resulting in better efficiency and enhanced travel experiences for passengers.

To conclude, the Vande Bharat Express is an example of the Indian government’s “Make in India” project, demonstrating the country’s capabilities in designing and manufacturing innovative railway infrastructure. Its goal is to improve passenger comfort and journey times and help develop the Indian railway system.

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