Who Is Arshia Goswami? India’s Youngest Deadlifter Sets Record With 60kg Lift

Arshia Goswamivia

Arshia Goswami, an outstanding eight-year-old from Panchkula, Haryana, has captivated the online community with her remarkable deadlifting talent. Her incredible strength and expertise have caused a stir on the internet, showing her astounding qualities to the rest of the globe.

Who Is Arshia Goswami?

Arshia Goswami

Arshia Goswami, a probable Olympic medalist, made headlines in 2021 when she became the youngest person to deadlift 45 kg of weight at the age of six. Her incredible performance was formally recognized by the India Book of Records. The clip of her remarkable strength and domination in weightlifting quickly traveled over the internet, astounded and in awe of her incredible talent.

Arshia Goswami, an eight-year-old girl, can be seen effortlessly lifting an astonishing 60 kg in a recent Instagram video that has received much attention. Many people admire her extraordinary strength and determination. Moreover, she showed her respect for Olympic medallist Mirabai Chanu in another video posted on her father’s Instagram account, saying she gets inspiration from her. Goswani is the country’s youngest weightlifter, passionate about weightlifting, and has a genuine appreciation of the sport.


Arshia Goswami Sports Journey


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Arshia Goswami has expressed interest in various sports than weightlifting, including powerlifting and taekwondo. Her introduction to the world of fitness and athleticism began when she followed her father, a skilled fitness trainer, to his training sessions.

Arshia began her weightlifting journey at the age of six months and showed outstanding strength by lifting 45 kg. Her hard effort and determination paid off when she earned a bronze medal in a state-level weightlifting competition. In addition, Arshia’s Humans of Bombay footage had a text insert emphasizing her extraordinary accomplishments, noting, “At 8, I’m living proof that age is just a number.” 


People’s Response To Her Viral Video


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Arshia’s astounding accomplishment of lifting 60kg astounded Instagram users. Many individuals expressed their surprise and respect for her exceptional achievement. In addition, other users praised her, calling her performance outstanding and praising her devotion and hard work. Messages of encouragement and support poured in, with individuals praising Arshia’s talent and expressing their admiration and respect.

A user wrote, “What a sprite, confidence levels; I don’t know what motivates you to stick to your profession. OMG, you are massive no words to say, you braveness in your eyes.” 

Another said, “One day, India will be proud of her.”

In addition, one also wrote,  “Huge respect! There are way too many adults that can’t do this much.” 

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