These Airlines Having The Best Looking Crew All Over The Globe


When it comes to airlines and air hostesses, we all have a picture in our brain, of a perfectly maintained lady with sharp features.¬†Still, it’s one of the jobs that’s accused of being discriminatory on sizes or facial features. But change is inevitable. Here we have put up a number on Airlines that has the most good looking flight crew.

Here we go.

1. United Arab Emirates

Airline crew

As we mentioned above, it’s not based on merit but we all know. Gulf Airlines do have the most beautiful crew and there’s no doubt to that. You know it, we know it.


2. Virgin Atlantic

Airline crew

Who needs a high maintenance model wearing expensive clothes when the flight attendants manage to look flawless in their work clothes?


3. Singapore Airlines

Best airline crew

One of the most well-mannered Flight attendees with smiles that light up your day. Their tagline “Singapore girl, you’re a great way to fly.” Might sound sexist but after all, their high maintenance standards says a lot about them.


4. Etihad Airlines


From beauties around the world, this flight is enough to give you a World Tour before you land anywhere. I guess it’s just a thing about the Gulf, you know?

Vijay Alagar
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